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Strategy for PokerSchool league at early stage

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  • Strategy for PokerSchool league at early stage


    Maybe it was discussed before, so please give a link to it.

    As I'm new in Poker I try to watch how top players from school league are playing. Most of then play very tide and each they move take 12 seconds. I try to play in the same way and it works. At least you always could finish in 2000-1500 position(if you was unlucky and didn't get any strong card). If you were lucky to play at least one or two hands, you could reach 1000-700 position.

    After some time I have realized, that I could play only from BB position or from SB, Button with strong cards(AA,KK, AK,QQ) if no one Rise before me.

    So when you play very slowly, you could play only few B, SB, BB position when blinds are small, so you have not so much chances to rise you stack with small investment.

    My question is - what strategy is more suitable at early stage (until BB 100):
    a) Play very slowly and try to save you stack for as long as possible
    b) Play quick wile blinds are small and try to get more chances to play from B,SB,BB

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    you pretty much said everything u should do, just use the timer and give the donks hell, avoid playing on the SB or BB at the early 20mins even after a min raise, unless u have AA,AK,KK,QQ... of course, and always play them passively unless u're sure to have the nuts, if u reach the 100/50 level without winning a pot u should wait for a good spot to shove all in with a strong hand (depending on the players at the table, u shouldnt get more than 1 caller at worst) because u need to at least double up twice to make a good finish score, otherwise u would just break even at best. i started playing like that little before mid league period after spending the first 10 days experimenting and collecting minuses, and i found myself 36th on day 20 i think, if u stick to this play you can easily find yourself at the top 10, i couldnt stick to it because it was starting to effect my game plus i didnt have enough nerves to play like that for a month, then i had a free fall on the standing after numerous BS beats so i just gave up, i'll just wait for the premier league and see how the BS is doing there lol. i checked you ranking and i think you can still make it umbup:



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