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ultimate low

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  • ultimate low

    pfff finished over 8000 this time can we go lower!!

    no!! must say was my own mistake by refuseing to laydown my TT on a 224 flop after i was reraised before!! the loose canon which play every hand so far with continuous reraises and showed garbage after garbage suddenly shows JJ. my bad and to eager to want to double up.

    but the i looked back my hand historie and see evry play i got kicked out with middle pair i stumbled into a slight higher pair or a lower directly set becomming pair!

    and there is what stings and is said before! this stays in your memories!!!

    it's my own flaw and a big flaw in my game not to range as good as i should, i must say that the PSO is hard to range because they raise and reraise with nothing but i lay down cards where i should have won and stay when i deffenetly loose!!

    for example this day

    i raise preflop whit AhJh, 4 times BB(400/200), stack about 6000. i got called by the BB oh and there was a limper so the pot is just over 4000 and the flop comes! AsJs4c so i see the possible flush and shove my 2 pair and got called inmediatly. he showes KTspades. rest of the storie is that there are comming 2 more spades and i am gone.

    question do i invite the dude to cal because there is a 8000 pot and he has to call 4000 on 9 outs and get 3:1 when he hits or was my move totaly wrong and should i had checked first because of the threat of the flush

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    sorry to say 77wopke77 but mathematics here dont count. they will call ur raises with anything and will go to the river vs ur AK with 2 6 and hit 6 on river with flop QTQ lets say, in their mind their 2 6 off is good LOL so be careful when u play ur hand, what position ur in, how much will it cost ya to see that hand, how many in the hand and so on, with TT i wouldnt call any raises, with limpers in hand, as u will end up seeing flop 4 or 5 handed, best to do is wait, as the hand u fold counts for 1 hand of that tourney meaning ur still in the battle to win the war. thats just me works for me this month with all these donkeys in game GL mate


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      I would have made a min bet to ask the question and see if he called
      Once I see the third spade I would check to find out where I am
      If he splashes some chips in the pot , I fold imho


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        Originally posted by 77wopke77 View Post
        question do i invite the dude to cal because there is a 8000 pot and he has to call 4000 on 9 outs and get 3:1 when he hits or was my move totaly wrong and should i had checked first because of the threat of the flush
        The hand played itself, nothing to beat yourself up for. The other guy did nothing wrong either, KT suited is a decent hand, and on that flop he had in fact 12 outs, 9 spades and 3 queens. So assuming he knew what he was doing he had around 50% to win the hand, no matter what you were holding and had to call just half of the pot to take it. You on the other hand could not let him draw without paying the price for it. So... as I said in the beginning nothing to do. Still... I would advice you to rethink the way you're playing. In both hands you seem not to take into account a very important detail: points. It's not enough to compute outs vs pot odds, without considering potentially lost points vs potentially won points. It's a tricky thing to do, but a paramount one. I'll give you an example using the first hand in your post, so you'll see what I'm talking about. Let's make it even better than it was and say that guy had AK, not jacks. You know what he's holding, you got him beat on the flop and shove. You have him figured out so must know that being a donk will most likely not lay down AK. So he's calling you with A high and you're faced with two possibilities: you'll double up roughly twice and be eliminated once out of three situations like this. What you know for sure is that the 8000th place finish will cost you 25 points, while the double ups don't give you any guarantees, because a stack of 3000 that early may or may not bring you some points. That's why I would recommend to always ask yourself if it's worth the risk, beyond outs and pot odds. Good luck at the tables and don't let the donks bring you down! umbup:


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          Having the best hand means nada. Making them pay for the draw means squat.

          All your best poker reads mean nothing.

          You need the best hand after the 5 cards hit the table.

          In PSO, all that matters is points!!!!

          This is against learning and improving your game, but a must here in league play.

          I learned the hard way last month with 3 days of doing what you described in your original post!! Fell from the top ten to........

          No rebuys here in PSO, just negative points from busting out early!!

          3 Time Bracelet Winner


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            first of all the TT was in the PSO and i had to fold, just because of the points, costed me 26 points and now i am on 912, dropped 200 places.

            the second example was a MTT qualifier for the PCA 3 seats before the bubble, and then the courses tell me to go for the chips because mostly people want to survive the bubble.

            as said that hand played himself with 13 outs for the dude and 3:1 pot odds.

            But without the factor of points on the leaderboard the descissions was just right??? let him pay?



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