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Question about SNG Middle phrase

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  • Question about SNG Middle phrase

    when it says Correct hands to play pre-flop, does it mean you should raise with those hands or call? in all the phrases of the SNG I am comfortable of when and what to raise and fold with but not so clear on what hands are right to call with and when, can you help?

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    Hey Dee, welcome to pso and the forum. umbup: If you're referring to the sng course here on pso, I believe it states whether you should raise or call. Look at the course once again and I think you'll see it in a chart. Let us know if you have any other questions...or if I'm wrong. Just looked it over...look at page 2. You'll see the answer there.
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      Hi Dee and welcome. Starting hand charts are a good guide to what statistically are playable hands generally but like most things in poker they are situational and other factors may dictate whether you decide to raise, call or fold. A good example would be A 10 suited, Under The Gun at a 9 seat table you may be wise to fold this hand, theres a lot of action to come after you and all you have in truth is A high with a mid kicker with a slim flush/straight possibility. In mid-position you may choose to call or raise if no previous betting action, on the button with only callers before you a raise would be advisable to frighten off the blinds and make the previous callers cautious about calling your raise when you have position over them. Other factors will also come into consideration such as what you have learned of the players at the table, their frequency of calling raises, do they often limp in with good hands, etc. In general terms if you are willing to enter a hand you should have sufficient confidence in your cards and position to be entering with a raise, the exception possibly being when in late position with low/medium pairs or suited-connectors where if there are a number of callers before you the value is on offer for a cheap peak at the flop to be worth considering. If you are a beginner to poker and still unsure has to hand strengths, position, etc you may benefit from doing some research and study, also as you already have done, don't be afraid to ask questions here, there is a wealth of knowledge and information locked away in the membership and there will always be someone ready to help. Good luck and once again welcome onboard umbup:



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