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Scrolling the leaderboard?

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  • Scrolling the leaderboard?

    Can you see the URL bar at the top of your browser?

    1. Do a search.

    2. Go to page two(2) of the leaderboard and change the last number in the URL to
    the number of the page where you think 'you' are.

    3. If you miss guess again.

    The webmaster doesn't get it!

    Do you get it?

    I have to relax. Could you take over and post a response. Blow it up.


  • #2
    Are you trying to find yourself or others?Hard to understand if you are asking a question or giving a answer.

    You can always type the name you are searching on the left top title bar of the standings and it will take you to the person you are looking for.


    • #3
      I see cookies too.

      Great nick by the way.

      You see I became leader of page 17 today.
      I like that much more than middle of the pack in a group of five(5) from the search bar.

      Your rank is 185 putting you on page 4.

      I just changed the last number in the URL and I see 49 of your competitors, not four(4).

      You really have a great appetite. Thanks for chipping in.


      • #4
        If you know the person's handle, you can see
        his rank and the two above and below. (use the name search feature)

        If you know the person's rank, including yours, you can see
        his rank related to a full page of players (use the system above)

        Both work fine. For a page location, remember there are fifty players per page. If a player is ranked 567, then this player is near the top of page 12. (567 divided by 50 = 11 +) Always round up if the number is not exactly divisible by fifty.



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