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Unethical or Collusion ?

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  • Unethical or Collusion ?

    Has anybody watched a replay of last Sunday Storms final table? If not watch it and judge whether you think players publicly typing in chat to promote ganging up on one player is unethical or overt collusion.

    Either way to see that behaviour at a showpiece PS final table without comment or warning from the Host is to be frank sickening.

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    Being a poor Yank locked into .net Hell I can't watch it but if they were actually talking in chat about ganging up on one (or more) players,or ANY other discussion of "co-operative" play, between two or more players,it is against the rules. Period.


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      sure you can Mox, its under tourneys, special.. I just read your post and looked to see if we were banned


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        It was quite overt Moxie, no room for mis-interpretation from not one but a number of players, I've emailed my concerns to PS Support.

        "I have just been observing a replay of the 26th June Sunday Storm final table, to say I am shocked by the overt bad etiquette if not collusion displayed by the majority of the table in ganging up to force a player out is an understatment.

        In a showpiece final like this which is supervised by a Host how is it that no words of caution let alone warnings regarding the conduct of players are issued?

        I was planning to enter this Sundays tournament but in light of what I have obsereved now have severe reservations.

        I have reported this kind of behaviour at numerous tables at which I have played and the frequency and degree appears to be increasing. I fear that unless increased measures are implemented by PokerStars to not only punish players retrospectively but to take action at the table at the time of these incidents they will continue to rise and honest fairminded players will be deterred from playing your tables."


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          Just got my reply, fortunately whilst I was reading it i received a request to complete a survey on my experiences with PS Support, which in light of the complete failure to respond directly to my email and the fact that it has been over 24 hours without response to a previous query lead me to complete the survey in a non-generic or pre-written manner.

          Hello David,

          Thank you for contacting PokerStars.

          We are very sorry that you encountered an unfortunate situation at one of our tournaments. The integrity of our games is of utmost importance to PokerStars, and we employ a large team of Poker Specialists who investigate all collusion reports received from our players.

          Please be aware that if you suspect any player's of collusion or rule violation, please simply report their User ID's as well as the game where this happened so that we may review what happened and take any necessary action.

          We look forward to your reply.


          Allen O.
          PokerStars Support Team


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            SO WILL YOU REPLY ??

            sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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              Now that is interesting I sent a email to pokerschool and got a reply from the same guy.
              I posted it in Darkmans thread,so I guess it all goes to the same bin.


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                My thread?


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                  Yeah the response I got from


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                    Originally posted by Deleted user View Post
                    Now that is interesting I sent a email to pokerschool and got a reply from the same guy.
                    I posted it in Darkmans thread,so I guess it all goes to the same bin.
                    OR COULD HAVE BEEN FORWARDED ???

                    sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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                      Originally posted by hemetdennis View Post
                      SO WILL YOU REPLY ??

                      Is the Pope Catholic?

                      "Thank you for your generic response which fails to respond directly in any way to the issue I raised.

                      I would suggest that one of your Poker Specialists takes the time to observe the replay I referred to which can be found under the Tourney tab, Special, Replay - Sunday Storm Table - June 26.

                      I have just received and completed a customer survey relating to my experiences with Support, In light or recent responses and in some cases lack of them my completion of the form was neither generic or pre-written manner."


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                        I am now in the process of writing a full transcript of the chat at this table as it appears their crack team of investigative Poker Specialists must be otherwise engaged, probably doing a wheres Wally/Waldo.

                        "Hello David,

                        Thank you for contacting us back.

                        If you feel like the customer service you have received so far isn't satisfactory then I sincerely apologize.

                        Furthermore David, if you feel there has been collusion take place at the final table of the Sunday Storm event from July 26, please advise us of the User ID's and we will investigate the matter and take the necessary action according to our investigation.

                        I have listed the names of the players at the final table for your reference:-

                        1. Steve Oss
                        2. KuzMich_pro
                        3. sarao
                        4. poutine85
                        5. juanstars123
                        6. Omrell
                        7. Cholo Terco
                        8. Addon777
                        9. enamoured86

                        We thank you for your patience and look forward to your response.


                        PokerStars Support Supervisor"


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                          The Big Game

                          I watched the" Big Game " on here and in a couple of the hands Tony G announces his hand during play. As iv'e never played a live game, can you use this tactic in live play?


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                            Ask and they shall receive, I wonder if it would be worth setting up a support service for PS Support?

                            "To assist you further I have spent the last 90 minutes observing the table again and hand typing a transcript of the chat as it cannot be cut and pasted from the table chat.

                            I have highlighted the parts of chat which I feel are violations of PokerStars rules by player Poutine85 together with comments from other players which support the fact that the intentions of Poutine85 were understood by those playing at the table.

                            In a showpiece tournament final which has a Host who is obliged to observe the table I am concerned that at no time were players warned regarding the extensive non-English chat that prevailed and more so that no warning was issued regarding the incitement by Poutine85 to other players to collude to eliminate a player.

                            Tournament # 426110003 362
                            Players sit out to look at numbers. Host WolfganR provides players with numbers for potential chip chop. Much discussion takes place and the Host issues new numbers in accordance with what players have been discussing.

                            Host requests those accepting to type “I Agree”, all do so with the exception of Addon777. The game is restarted.

                            Poutine85: NOW HIM PLAY
                            Poutine85: AFFF
                            Juanstars123: addon esta dormido
                            Poutine85: ALL OUT ADDON <<<
                            Omrell: the target is addon hahahaha <<<
                            Poutine85: JUST RAISE IF ADDON IN HAND <<<
                            Sarao: dont play?
                            Poutine85: OK IM OUT HIM
                            Poutine85: AFF
                            Juanstars123: lol
                            Poutine 85: AGAIN CHOLO OUT HIM OK <<<
                            Cholo Terco: ok <<<
                            Omrell: u cant do that <<<
                            Omrell: its collusion <<<
                            Juanstars123: silence lets go
                            Poutine85: HIM JUST WAIT FOR ONE OUT
                            POUTINE85: ADDON HAVE 4000 AND OUT NOT 2000
                            Sarao: no robo juan
                            Poutine85: UKRAINE NO BIG MONEY
                            Juanstars123: so ne se hace
                            Juanstars123: not
                            KuzMich_pro: lol
                            Juanstars123: ?
                            Omrell: addon can u read me?
                            Poutine85: why I no have good hand for out kik him
                            Juanstars123 : call odss
                            Poutine85: go kuz go
                            Poutinine85: lol
                            Poutine85: ba ba b a
                            KusMich_pro: lol
                            Juanstars123: pf
                            Juanstars123: es incredible
                            Poutine85: if kik all player im suicide
                            Poutine85: lol
                            Omrell: me too
                            Poutine85: unreal just need on out to deal afff
                            Juanstars123: ADDON DEAL PLEASE
                            Sarao: nh
                            Juanstars123: CALL ADON
                            Poutine85: all play for addon <<<
                            Poutine85: please <<<
                            Juanstars123: ten cudado
                            Sarao: yes
                            Juanstars123: jueago legal
                            Omrell: yo tenia a9o
                            Juanstars123: hiciste bien yo no me quieri pegar con nadie
                            Juanstars123: yo quieri trato
                            Omrell: yp tp ! yp slol keirp tratoo
                            Sarao: y yo
                            Juanstars123: es un torneo muy duro illegar aqui I irte el 7
                            Juanstars123: es muy duro
                            Juanstars123: pero addon esta domido
                            Sarao: cuidadin
                            Juanstars123: goooooooo
                            Poutin85e: yes

                            Addon777 finished the tournament in 8th place."


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                              Originally posted by De Hitman View Post
                              I watched the" Big Game " on here and in a couple of the hands Tony G announces his hand during play. As iv'e never played a live game, can you use this tactic in live play?
                              Interesting you mention that because I had a lengthy discussion with another member on that video.

                              I firmly understand that the rules of poker prevent any player whether active or not in a hand discussing directly the content of the cards they were dealt, though I believe when HU in tourney and HU in cash play it is often accepted.

                              TDA Poker rule extract

                              41. No Disclosure
                              Players are obligated to protect the other players in the tournament at all times. Therefore, players, whether in the hand or not, may not:
                              1. Disclose contents of live or folded hands,
                              2. Advise or criticize play at any time,
                              3. Read a hand that hasn't been tabled.
                              The one-player-to-a-hand rule will be enforced.

                              It is a breach of PokerStars rules to do so as follows.

                              ChatNote: This rule is intended to supplement, not replace, the Cardroom Rules, which contains more information on acceptable and unacceptable chat.

                              19. Players, whether in the hand or not, may not discuss the hands until the action is complete. Players are obligated to protect the other players in the tournament at all times. Discussing cards discarded or hand possibilities is not allowed. A penalty may be given for discussion of hands during play.

                              Note: The purpose of this rule is to protect the interests of players who are still in the tournament but not in the current hand. Please see our Prohibited Tournament Chat examples for further information. More specifically, this rule does not apply to situations where only two players remain in a tournament, or the tournament began as a Heads-Up match.

                              Disclosing the true contents of your hand or attempting to deceive by stating you have cards that you in fact don't have can unfairly effect the play and betting of others at the table and is therefore not permitted.

                              It is concerning that this type of play is not only being permitted in live games by PokerStars but that it is being posted up for all to view and as such seen as being condoned and acceptable.

                              I would certainly like to see Tony G announce to a back street table in Marseille that he has pockets and count the seconds before he hit the floor let alone a reputable casino where he would in most instances find himself stood on the pavement outside.



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