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Community and Need not Greed

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  • Community and Need not Greed

    As most will know I have posted some of my thoughts on why I feel this new Global League is a flawed concept and for the sake of balancing the view that many hold of me as being a negative doomsayer I thought I owe it to many here to briefly clarify the major issues behind my thinking.

    I am fully conversant with business economics, marketing and customer relations and as such I appreciate fully the need for PokerStars to make PSO a financially viable and sustainable entity. I understand PSO's roll within PokerStars business model and what its purpose is with regards to increasing client profitability.

    This aside I know that to fulfill these requirements PSO must balance its responsibilties to share holders with those of its customers and I fear that this new league is failing a large number of those customers.

    I firmly believe in the principle of the PSO being a school for the teaching and improvement of poker skills, this is within its business model, improved ability = improved player profitability = increased PS revenue.

    I see the new Global League and the focus on attaining the "promised land" of the Premier League as a potential abandonment of the novices and beginners within our ranks. I won't quote the posts, they are in the Sticky thread for all to read, in summary they basically say "ride out the crap that is the free for all of this month and it will all be good when you get in the Premier League".

    My concern is that what about those beginners and novices who don't make the promised land, they will be left to face another month of anything goes poker and then possibly another and another month, until the time comes when they become disillusioned that practising what they have learned, sound and solid poker, does not work in the face of a table full of freeroll bandits and leave PSO never to be seen again.

    The Premier League shouldn't be an escape from lunatic poker it should be a progression.

    I have concerns with regards to the potential for promoting poor BRM in initiating the additional 150VPP level, but that I guess is for individuals to assess for themselves though possibly PSO have some responsibilty to ensure that information on correct BRM is available to those players to whom they are dangling the carrot.

    Finally I feel that a large part of our community has been abandoned, since "Black Friday" the input and involvement of US players has naturally dwindled and I think that within this restructured league system there was the opportunity for PSO to implement a Play Money League, which whilst a pale cousin of what the US players truly want, would at least give them the opportunity to stay involved and from a PSO stand point show that their membership still matters. From a PS perspective these are future customers who will one day be allowed to play online poker again oneday soon, they already have a bad taste in their mouths, it would be wise to try and sweeten it.

    I do not say black because PSO says white, I do not turn left because they go right, I make considered judgements and as such comment on their actions based on what I believe are the founding principals of this School.

    I know that the financial demands of big business will never be able to allow the free thought of management to fulfill the true potential there is here, I just hope that they allow a more balanced approach to achieving a School for those learning as well as a platform for those improving and providing PS with the profit levels required.

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    I usually enjoy your intelligent and well-written posts Bogweed, and this one is no exception. I am inclined to agree with you on most of your points. I am fairly new to poker and my first experience of the new league was quite bewildering. If I was totally new to poker then this experience may well have caused me to crap the bed!

    Let me backtrack a little. When I first joined PSO I was completely green. I think I represent a fundamental part of PSO’s target market. I saw a bit of poker on TV and wondered what the hell was going on. A bit of stumbling around on the net led me to the PSO. I took the classes tried to implement them. But before the classes I didn’t even know a flush from a straight. Of course it was hard at first for me in the league, but I soon became able to at least do okay.

    Now if I was totally green, and thrown into the current league, I would have no idea what to think and probably become quickly disillusioned. It is very hard for a beginner to find their feet in a field of 10000. And surely, even from a business perspective, it is the beginners that the PSO want to entice.

    I also think that criticism and appreciation are not mutually exclusive. I am appreciative of the benefits that the PSO offers me, but at the same time I think they could do things better. It seems that some people like to berate critical comments on the sole foundation that the PSO provides services that should be appreciated, and so anyone who appreciates some aspects of the PSO should not be critical of other aspects. Such an argument is a non sequitur.

    In fact critical comments that are both constructive and well informed, such as your OP, are fundamentally necessary for the optimal performance of an organisation. Any organisation needs criticism in order to improve. So intelligent and constructive critical posts should never be shunned. Even if the original criticisms are deemed to be unfounded, the act of self reflection induced by such criticisms will usually be beneficial to the criticised party.

    Anyway I may be rambling. In short I reckon your post was excellent.



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