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Forced Observer to Home Clubs

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  • Forced Observer to Home Clubs

    Logged in this evening to find I am now an "observer" to 4 home clubs to which I am not registered or have applied for membership. I did not know that observer status was even available to home clubs.

    Has anyone else found this?
    Does anyone have a clue what these clubs are?
    Is this PS sanctioned or a hack?
    Is it too much to ask that someone ask for my permission before adding unrequested items to my private account?

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    Is it too much to ask that someone ask for my permission before adding unrequested items to my private account?[/QUOTE]
    I too have this pop on my screen. They're there even b4 logging in. I only have 2 that appear but definetely would have been nice for PS to ask us regarding this b4 hand
    May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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      I am also an observer to 4 Home clubs.

      I brought one up in the Home Games tab to have a look, and no-one seems to have played any games even though they have over three hundred members some of whom have been members for a few months.

      They also seem to be from other sites than PS as the format for the Club Home page differs from PS's........The plot thickens....

      3 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Have you seen this Bog and the rest?


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          Not seen that thread before Dan.

          I've emailed PS Support asking them to clarify because accessing a private account in such a manner potentially contravenes the 1998 UK Data Protection Act, I'll let you know what response I get.


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            Thanks Dan You're a great asset around here no matter what Brian says Yes Dave I posted that here and on the other social site we both attend and as I stated just as luck would have it i was able to get in and spy on a table exactly when the manager came in with another player and bragged what favors she obtained from Lee Jones who was the cardroom manager for stars evil:
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              This is the response I have received.

              Dear David,

              Thank you for your interest in our Home Games.

              The additional clubs you can now see in your Home Game club lobby are called ‘Showcase clubs’. These are display clubs that all of our players can view in observer mode. They are great examples of active clubs that are using our Home Games to drive their own poker community and have a lot of fun playing together!

              You can view these clubs as you wish but we do not offer a feature for players to request membership. We are simply aiming to show how much can be done in a Home Game club and how much fun our players are having.

              We are looking forward to giving our Showcase clubs as much exposure as possible and we are also looking for new exciting clubs to put in our Home Game lobby showcase section. You and your club can be one of these Showcase clubs if you think you have enough members and enough game activity. Please do not hesitate to write back to us at and we will be glad to review your club status.

              More details about Home Games can be found at:


              We wish you the best of fun in your PokerStars Home Games.


              Alejandro C
              PokerStars Security Team

              I fear this in now way answers my email to support which was.

              I have logged in this evening to find that there are 4 Home Clubs listed in my account to which I am neither registered or have applied, it shows my status to these Clubs as "observer" a status I did not even know existed.
              >As I have not applied or registered to these Clubs I can only assume that someone has 1) illegally accessed my private account 2) been given access to my private account details without my permission 3) has altered my private account without my permission, any one of which is likely to be in breach of the UK Data Protection Act 1998 which applies to the Isle of Man as well as mainland UK.
              >Can you please investigate who these Clubs belong to and advise as to how they have been allowed to access my private account without my prior permission.


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                bump for updates, cause I dont like it either


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                  Sorry Mick, I'd almost forgot about this one. I think this may require more than 1 or 2 voices so anyone who would like to see them removed please feel free to contact Support and request their removal.

                  Reply I received from Support.

                  "Hello David,

                  Thank you for contacting PokerStars.

                  We confirm that all recent access to your account took place from your main computer and there is no evidence to suggest that anyone has accessed your account without your permission.

                  Please be aware that you have not been registered in these Showcase Clubs, these clubs have been added to your Home Games club lobby automatically by PokerStars.

                  We consider these clubs to be an important part of the Home Games product. Rather than being disruptive, they represent great examples of all the many possibilities available with Home Games.
                  As such, they cannot be removed from the Home Games lobby.

                  More details about Home Games can be found at:


                  We hope this answers your question. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to email us again.

                  Have fun at the tables!


                  PokerStars Security Team"

                  My response.

                  "I appreciate the desire for PokerStars to promote elements of its services but I strongly feel that placing these Home Clubs within what I and most deem to be a private area of their account without their prior knowledge or approval and without the facility to remove them is if not unethical bad mannered to say the least.

                  I thought it would occur to PokerStars that anyone actually noticing these clubs appear was, in the main, already actively using the Home Games facility and as such they were advertising a product to existing consumers rather than marketing to a new target audience.

                  I would request that PokerStars review this and provide members with the facility to remove these additions from their private home club listings.

                  David Senior"


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                    More smoke and mirrors.

                    The fact that these "Showpiece" clubs have been given special priviledges over and above what most Club Managers have is an additional concern and the implications of favouritism to the extreme of promoting these clubs to every member of PokerStars above anyone elses is a lttle more than questionable.

                    "Hello David,

                    Thank you for your reply.

                    At the outset I understand your sentiments and concerns. As you can appreciate, to achieve full functionality of a feature, we have attempted to provide examples of Home Games Clubs which are operating well.

                    That said, we have forwarded your feedback to our Poker Room Management Team for their review.

                    Please keep in mind that we receive thousands of emails containing ideas, suggestions and feedback each month, so unfortunately we cannot respond on the merits of every one.
                    However, we read every single email and give each suggestion careful consideration.

                    We really appreciate the time you have taken to suggest improvements to PokerStars. Many of the features in our software were developed following suggestions received from our players.

                    If there is anything else we can help you with, please do not hesitate to let us know.


                    Peter Z
                    PokerStars Support Team"



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