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Premier League ? - I've already won it !

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  • Premier League ? - I've already won it !

    In fact I've done even better than that. I've just secured a 5k staking deal in sterling rather than dollars. So it's worth over half as much again !

    A new member has decided that I'm worthy (misplaced confidence?) of a 100 game deal at an average buy in of £50. This will be a slow burner that could last as long as ten weeks. My plan is to play no more than two games per day and probably only one if I cash in the first. If anybody fancies the odd rail (unlikely I know ) the games that I intend participating in are as follows...........

    00.00 - $109 - Daily - $50k GTD
    02.30 - $ 55 - Daily - Nightly Thirty Grand
    10.30 - $109 - Daily - $7.5k GTD
    13.30 - $ 55 - Daily - $50 Freezeout
    14.00 - $109 - Daily - $17.5k GTD
    18.00 - $109 - Daily - The Big ($50k GTD)
    22.00 - $ 55 - Daily - $55k GTD
    23.15 - $ 55 - Daily - $10k GTD

    13.00 - $109 - Sunday - Sunday Kick Off ($75k GTD)
    20.00 - $ 55 - Sunday - The Bigger ($200k GTD)

    All times are BST. And as I said, I won't be playing more than two a day from this list so don't expect a positive search on all games.

    So apart from feeling pretty pleased with myself and having a little boast, why have I posted this ?

    When I joined PSO back in September of last year I had every confidence in my game. But I knew there was still a lot more to learn, recognition to be gained by doing well, and a much needed boost to my bankroll by taking part at "zero risk" if I considered my time as a free commodity. The learning experience, despite what many people will claim, has proven to be a valuable one in terms of how it's improved my performance outside of this arena. The bankroll boost has been a four figure sum, despite only twice finishing in the top 10 and never winning the league. And the "recognition" has now led to me securing a deal that if successful, could enable me to treat the game as my primary source of income for many years to come.

    I had a plan. It was well thought through and had a contingency plan if despite my best efforts it ended in failure. This is no different to how you should approach any business, or indeed life itself. Very few people achieve their dreams by leaving it to luck. So think about that the next time the a donk ruins your day. All he gets is the occassional smile on an otherwise miserable journey.

    As much for reasons of keeping a personal (yet public) record of how the next stage of my poker career develops, I'll update this thread on a weekly basis. And maybe more frequently if there are any red letter days to crow about. It should also serve as a reminder of what it's possible to achieve here if you utilise the valuable and discard the dross. It's your choice. Can you also make the right decisions and join me ?

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    WOW nice one D’man. Congratulations. I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see how you do. This very inspiring. I’ll drop by on the rail sometime.


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      Not surprised at all D.M, if i had the minerals i would of hired your services along time ago, bit of a diamond in the dirt waiting to be found. and it looks like some one has got lucky and found it. I have no doubt one day we will see you on the big stage. All the best in your challenge.


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          Congrats, Dman!! Great opportunity for you.

          You have been supportive of my learning here on PSO. Your posts are effective, provactive, and informative.

          Good luck with this project. I will be cheering for you and following your progress.



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            the best of skill and luck to you Darkman. I have enjoyed the majority of your contributions to the forum. On occasion a dry sense of humour but when serious, knowledge that is worthwhile absorbing. thank you for your insight and hope you will continue "on ocassion" to give us the benifit of your thoughts of whats going on here. once again good luck

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              I really cherish the moments in PSO where I've learned something from playing against a formidable opponent. Congrats on the new venture Darkman!! Best of luck!!! umbup: umbup: umbup:


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                Way to go D-Man!! umbup:umbup: Hope you take a few of these down. I can't rail ya but I hope all the best in this new challenge. umbup: - UDS Dry


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                  Great news my friendumbup:umbup: lets hope for some real deep runs, I will be silently railing... I hope lol


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                    This is a superb opportunity. umbup: Congrats and good luck. I plan to stop by the rail.
                    3 Time Bracelet Winner


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                      Congrats Dman... umbup: umbup: umbup: I recall running into u a long time ago way b4 coming to PSO in the $2.20 36 man sngs... can u recall?
                      5 Time Bracelet Winner


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                        I am watching you in the $15.00 tourney right now


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                          Originally posted by EasyChips4U View Post
                          Congrats Dman... umbup: umbup: umbup: I recall running into u a long time ago way b4 coming to PSO in the $2.20 36 man sngs... can u recall?
                          Nope. Don't think I ever played one of those. Prior to PSO my history on Stars was Astronomer, Regional FR's, STT's, Sunday Major Satty's and then the DON's. Since being at PSO I've changed to the 27 Player SNG's. So there are many places you may have run into me, but I very much doubt it was where you think


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                            Originally posted by Mikey_hba View Post
                            I am watching you in the $15.00 tourney right now
                            Well don't do it again. I'd cashed three in a row before that one


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                              congrats darkman it seems like your staker knows what there talking about!buy all meens you have the game to play at the level off buy ins that you been staked for,in the last month to 6weeks you and me have been at the same table quit abit,from seeing all that time is how i know you have the talent to compete with the best players this site has,all i want to say is congradulations play confident and take advanage when ever you can
                              3 Time Bracelet Winner



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