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    prelude to Question----I was playing a $1.10 NLH 2K gntd. tourney #427010254 started at 8 A.T. About 1 hour and 43 45 min into tourney i want to know how many players are left so i click view lobby scrolled down players 609 finished 608 left ok. how many get paid look to the left 360 paid so how many to go for payout look at currently" 636 "players 636-360= wait a minute 636 it said 608 under players i look sure enough it still says 608. how can that be? so i think a bit i don't know so i take #612 cloud343 and look for him by clicking the tables and there he is still playing at a table. but he is gone how can he be at a table? then i look at current and it says "618 players " but under the players it still says 609 finished------i am looking at cloud when he goes out in # 612 pos.------- my QUESTION IS if no one has any idea who will win any hand or who will lose any hand how could the players column be 28 knockouts ahead of current players left ? i went back and had another look and also there are 2players as # 609-----------------611--610--609--609--608--607--606--605 witch means unless it's corrected there can be no #1 the best would be #2
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    Late registration..I believe they usually last for close to an hour in those.

    As far as seeing a player at a table who's been eliminated...well..can't answer that..maybe it's a multi-accounter with a very close spelling to the other name and you just misread it.
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      It's all due to late registrations You could get a better answer if you send it to PokerStar support umbup:


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        no offence but if late reg. than the money or # of players to be paid would not be up yet . It was one hour and forty three minutes into tourney. thats why i picked "cloud343 " pretty easy to spot and spell,
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          My bad taxi, I thought it was 43 minutes, not an hour and 43. Now on the finishes, it's normal to see the finishes like more than one at 609, 608 etc. But as to the rest, I would agree with trap, you should send an email to with all the info, would be good if you had a screen shot.


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            Still the answer is due to late registration
            if you started in time and there was 609 players and one gets knocked out first hand he finishes in 609th. Following this, a new player joins, it makes it 610, but there's only 609 players left and he loses, he finishes in 609th position

            If that doesn't answer your question, again contact support (PokerStar support)


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              It's a strange one taxi. Here's an example...

              I played in a regional tournament and was busted the very first hand and indeed I was the very first player 227th place.

              By the time the 10 minute extended registration had closed (and more players had entered) I had finished in....222nd place (scratch head time). How I finished 5 places HIGHER I really do not know. I would have thought that my finishing position would have been pushed downwards if anything.

              Another example for you...I was eliminated quite early in the 1pm ET PSO tourny today. In the hand I was eliminated, another player (fenixwell) was also eliminated. Fenixwell had more chips than me at the start of the hand. So I was placed 473rd and fenixwell was placed 472nd. But, despite this, another player (hot_suspect) was also placed 472nd. Even though this player was not at our table. Again, I am left scratching my head.



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