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Dale/Gate: conflict resolution

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  • Dale/Gate: conflict resolution

    Dale/Gate: I will try and be impartial about this matter, because no one else seems to be making a good job of it.

    The first point I would make is that both players play regularly in the League and yet neither are 100% sure of the rules. I do not think this is just a failing on the part of the individuals but on Pokerstars/Pokerschool as well. Unless, you are a complete nerd like me, who actually reads the TOS to anything they sign up to on the internet, most people just click the box. If we are honest here, not many actually read it, as it is pretty boring stuff set out in a contractual way.

    Why not do a rules video, which would be a much better way to get the rules across?

    To the case in point, Dale brings up the point that Gate may be breaking the rules during chat in the middle of a tourney, because Gate’s wife is playing for him. Dale wants to check this out what the rules are, so he posts a thread on PSO to clarify the position.

    I would say that Dale’s actions are not unreasonable, but personally, I would have gone through the Terms of Service myself to clarify the position rather than post it on PSO.

    Posting it on PSO, even without posting names, is like a red rag to a bull, if that bull happens to be a Celt, that is someone from Ireland, Scotland, and I will grudgingly add, Wales (they come first cos they are closer to Ireland) and England during the said tourney. It has nothing to do with getting over emotional, as theLangolier said, it is hard wired into the genes, and the immediate reaction is that someone is trying to f u c k me over. So I can fully understand the Gate’s reaction, just as I can understand Dale’s reasoning to post it on PSO to get clarification.

    After that, it has gone completely out of control, and the comments by other people, has not helped matters at all. All it has done is polarised the positions of the two individuals concerned.

    Now I do not know if Gate’s infraction comes from PSO or Pokerstars, and in some ways he outed himself, by reacting emotionally. All I know for certain that if the ban is a Pokerstar’s one, it would not come without someone reporting him, and that is pretty low for what was a genuine mistake.

    So I think the two of you guys should make up, the misunderstanding as far as I can see it, was a cultural one: I believe that both of you are as straight as the day is long and it is a lack of knowledge and clarification of what the rules really are that brought us to this impasse.

    Tell your players the rules PSO, make it plain, simple and clear, and you will save yourselves, your PSO customers’ and everyone else a shed load of hassle that need never occur.

    TC out and enjoy your summer everyone

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    And Trusty Sam I would not play with you if you were the last man/woman on earth; I don't associate with wankers!!!!!!



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      Originally posted by topthecat View Post
      And Trusty Sam I would not play with you if you were the last man/woman on earth; I don't associate with wankers!!!!!!

      Eff, someone broke into your liquor cabinet.

      And this time it wasn't me.

      Leafs still blow though.



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        Not at all ssuglia, i just recognise a prick when i see one. It's built into the genes.

        TC out


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          TC,nice OP.


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            When we close a thread that does not mean go open another one

            ** Closed **

            7 Time Bracelet Winner



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