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New scoring system, new style?

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  • New scoring system, new style?

    Will the new scoring system in July change how you play in the league games? It seems that early outs are punished less and deeper runs are rewarded more, so will you approach the new league games in a similar fashion to a regular MTT, or stick with your current PSO playing style?

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    Ehhh ? lol

    What's this ??? 1st i have heard about it ???


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      See the first sticky at the top of this forum


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        Bearing in mind the numbers within the Intellipoker leagues combined with numbers of non-PSO members who will be entering "because its an open freeroll" will make the number of entries akin to a Hubble on steroids. Particularly for July and thereafter for anyone condemened to play the Open League.

        It is likely therefore that the old "clock and fold" tactic will only result in a mid-late finish at best and it will take a month or so for players to bed in to a new tactical method of playing them.

        Due to the high number of entries that can be expected the new scoring system will not be as beneficial as it first appears as your chance of getting deep will be seriously restricted and doing so on a regular basis will require a great deal of luck. I fear there will be little chance of cream rising, remember also that sh*t floats.

        Getting that top 1500 position to gain entry to the "Premier League" will be a harder task than many imagine, time will tell whether it will prove to be beneficial to play as few games as possible or whether it still benefits those who are able to bang in 3 or more tourneys a day and gain their standing by volume rather than quality.

        Time will tell, hope you enjoy finding out and good luck.


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          Yer i hear ya bogweed. Will be interesting to see how many players will be in the new league games. I'm hoping it will not be much more than before the Americans were banned. But saying that I have no idea how many the other Intelipoker leagues have. I think I will try and play different in the new system, a bit more aggressive, but we shall see.


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            Yep now i see whats going on. Interesting...........


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              Anybody tried plugging the numbers from the sample chart, who's gotten the formula to work? Not sure if I'm inputting the wrong figures for the variables, or if I'm typing the data wrong into the calculator, but I wanted to use the formula to calculate a top 20% finish and a top 10% finish (ITM) so I could compare those finishes (and the resulting points) under the old system to the new one.

              Points From Old System (starting score of 1500, average score of the field 1500)

              Last to Place in $ +33
              One out of the money +27
              100th (top 20%) +9
              250th (top 50%) -4
              500th (first out) -14

              Points Earned In New System (starting score of 1500, average score of the field 1500)

              50 (well into the money) +59.2
              115 (top 10% - ITM) -------------------> = (2ln(1150/115)-2)*20 +4 ?
              150 (top 13%) +22.8
              230 (top 20%) ---------------------------> = (2ln(1150/230)-2)*20 +4 ?
              300 (top 25%) +3.4
              500 (top 50%) -4
              1150 (first out) -16
              Last edited by TrustySam; Wed Jun 29, 2011, 06:44 AM.


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                Ok so my new tactic is to play kinda loose/passive in the early stages, see if I can see a cheap flop/turn in the hope of doubling up, because I think I can get paid off most of the time with a hand that hits strong. Didn't work first time but I will give it a few more shots before re-evaluating.



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