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The doggs out,of forum

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  • The doggs out,of forum

    Hi all really enjoyed it here,but thks to monk,i feel i have to leave this forum,gonna get banned,for some replies to his messages soon,wish he was right here in front of me now,i aint aye bad fellow,or aye fool or b tch,best of skill and luck to all except monk,this DOGG OVER AND OUT

  • #2
    Dogg dont let a few idiots tilt ya, there are many many more good people here that are willing to help you out... and he wont be here for long he usually lasts a week or 2 then gets banned for a month.. and the clock is ticking


    • #3

      Barry- i will reply- i have offered to help you- get your hand histories- - so that the people in this forum- can help you -- i have offered to help- ---yet- u have declined-- and now- you have found a friend in ROOMIK=- the troll with the mostt--

      my offer stands my NZ - friend--


      • #4
        Dogg...hang in here man. All I can say is that sometimes the written word doesn't come across like it was intended to. And just for that reason..we need to have just a bit of thick skin. I can't really say much more, except give it time. You are a welcome addition and I really don't care to see ya' go. umbup:


        • #5

          I have never declined your help,just get confused about where the **** to go,e mail address,dont even know how to bring up hand history,aint no computer wizz,monk,lucky i can turn the ****** thing on,DOGG GONE


          • #6
            Dan the man

            Cheers dan you rock my friend,sorry about the bad start ive had coming to this forum,with my bad lang,the dogg will hang in here then,thanks to you my friend,and others,i dont know what monks prob is,ive played private tourneys with him before,with no problems,in dirty scotts private tourneys,cheers DAN once again,you da man,DOGG GONE


            • #7

              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\barry-- lets start here-- / main lobby-- Requests- - hand history--
              pull that up

              and we go from there--


              • #8
                got my boys rugby trials now my friend,will follow your instruction ,when i get back,monk,ty,in 2 hrs


                • #9
                  barrydogg 378

                  done that monk,now what?


                  • #10
                    to get your hand history,

                    open pokerstars
                    click requests
                    click hand history
                    now this is where it gets tricky as you have a few options if you know what tourney it was go to tourney/private and make sure your tourney filter is set to show completed games scroll to the date and time of that tourney and then write down tourney # ID and then go back to hand history and choose the tourney # option and then type in the tourney # ID if you know exactly how many hands ago it was you can choose the 1st option and type in how many hands you want it will be sent to the email address you used to register with pokerstars

                    now go to your email
                    there will be an email from pokerstars called hand history
                    open it, they list your last game first so you will have to scroll down until you find the hand that you are talking about, keep in mind you can watch the right side while scrolling it has the date and time of the tourney you were in, hope this helps

                    Iam not that familiar with the hand replayer yet to talk you through that part yet

                    PS sorry monk if you already answered


                    • #11

                      nah bones-- just do a HH request-- any hand -- it dont matter-
                      once that is in your email--can u copy /paste?


                      • #12
                        oh, my bad, I thought we were trying to get his actual hand he was refering to my bad, you just want 1 hand so you can show him hand replayer, gotchya


                        • #13

                          i just tried it.....followed the instructions....and nothing but an empty page


                          • #14
                            nope it worked bindy, you just have to wait for the replayer to load is all I watched your hand :-D


                            • #15
                              How do i send HH

                              How do i send hh,from my email,and where do i send it too?



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