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When does it stop

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  • When does it stop

    Here's a hand I was in plus the chat whilst the hand was live The chat started after the flop KKingOfClubs: folded 2 spades Dealer: oBaylo, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act spike8998: have a word Dealer: spike8998, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act Dealer: Regular time for player spike8998 has expired, TIME BANK has been activated spike8998: you just killed the hand by announcing what you had KKingOfClubs: no i didn`t Dealer: spike8998 has high card Ace Dealer: oBaylo has a pair of Nines Dealer: Game #63753359314: oBaylo wins pot (1,155) with a pair of Nines oBaylo: yes you did Dealer: spike8998, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act KKingOfClubs: my 2 spades culd have been amongst the ones that already folded Dealer: spike8998 has timed out - hand is folded KKingOfClubs: so it doesn`t matter spike8998: u said u folded 2 spades while the hand was still live which is against the rules Dealer: oBaylo, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act T4NDY2008: lol KKingOfClubs: didn`t said what cards Dealer: Darkman61, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act KKingOfClubs: just said spades Dealer: Darkman61 has timed out - hand is folded KKingOfClubs: and maybe i was lying spike8998: go and read the T&C you signed up for on POKERSTARS Dealer: murmur666, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act oBaylo: it doesn't matter is you were lying.. It's still against the rules oBaylo: if* KKingOfClubs: ok KKingOfClubs: sue me Dealer: Kid Cld, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act Darkman61: Doesn't make the slightest bit of difference whether you were lying or not. KKingOfClubs: have a coke and a smile and shut up Dealer: KKingOfClubs, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act Dealer: T4NDY2008, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to act Darkman61: I'd quit while you're ahaead if I were you Club.
    Last edited by spike8998; Sat Jun 25, 2011, 04:00 AM.

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    Send it to support immediately if you haven't already Spike.

    I mean G-damn,this isn't ignorance,this isn't being unsure of the bounds of what's not allowed.

    This is just simply not giving a damn.

    He should be suspended the rest of the month IMO.


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      Yeah, these are the ones that used to tick me off the most. In being the vigilantes that we are, I used to try and judge peoples' responses when pointing out rule violations..if they were anything like this guy ... the report hit support before the end of the tourney. If they are very apologetic and cease...I can see letting it go. The one that's tough is if they just say "okay" or something similar. While I can see making a case for letting these go too...they usually are the shifty ones who say "okay" just to appease you. They know they're breaking the rules. They know if they can appease the upset, they may not get reported. I generally recommend reporting this type too. 'Let support deal with it...I did my part' is a good thought process in dealing with the sneaky ones. Too bad we can't have a sticky with repeated rule violators' chat and hand histories permanently up for all to see. The more I think about it, the more I like the suggestion Dale made in his thread in this respect. ad:


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        Here's what I did
        My chat at tables is silent so only players chat is visible
        I found the hand in replay and copied and paste both the hand , for replayer purposes for the forum and the chat whilst the hand was live
        I must have folded the next 7-8 hands cos I was busy composing an email with the hand history and the chat history to send to support
        This I did before I posted the thread in the forum
        Was so tilted and frustrated I shoved all in with TT 4-5 mins before the break and got busted by pocket 9's lol
        Was so glad just to be off the table and out of it , if you know what I mean
        Wound up losing 8 points , so what , like I give flying fig over 8 poxy points
        I could make them back in 1 tourney sat out for the first hour and still make a come back better than Jesus
        Here is an email i received from support/pokerstars/whoever ?

        Hello Keith,

        Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

        I have reviewed the chat of 'KKingOfClubs' and have found their comments to have violated PokerStars tournament rules, listed on our website:

        Although many of our players are not aware of all proper poker rules and etiquette, this player has now been informed of the applicable rules.

        Any future contraventions of the rules by this player will result in their receiving a chat revocation or even a tournament disqualification.

        Once again, thanks for your report, and best of luck at the tables.


        Pete Z
        PokerStars Support Team

        So alls good in the world of poker in the eyes of pokerstars



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