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Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act '06...

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  • Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act '06...

    Never before thought to look into it but after reading up on it, I am very confused. I have read that most sites won't allow US players onto their sites after Pokerstars and Full Tilt tried to pull a fast one in laundering money so banks wouldn't find how the money being transferred back to their players was earned. FBI shut their US operations down (or so I have read) and now I assume it's run elsewhere.

    I'm sure that I see plenty of US players around though. Just on the aforementioned sites tho, have been playing at PKR and WSOP - not seen an American at the tables in a while as I guess they aren't letting them sign up. What I have read are not statements from PS or FTP but articles I have gone through state these sites no longer take on US players. How is it that so many of their sponsored pros are American?? Greenstein, Dwan, Moneymaker, Ivey and many many others are US citizens who play and actively promote these sites. How does that work?

    Those sites that say they are recruiting US players are, I assume, breaking the above legislation? Well...working around it. From what I can tell American players can do their thing online but banks who transfer funds to and from these sites from US players are breaking the law. Is that right? I want to clarify that I'm not accusing Pokerstars are breaking the law, so don't get all defensive monitors. I speak out of ignorance.

    This is a very confusing issue for me. Party Poker had to pay lots of back taxes 'cos the US govt wanted their cut of the rake (now they don't deal with US players). Are sites such as Cake Poker giving the US govt a cut of the action to let American players sign up? What's the work-around? Can't be bothered to try and read the actual legislation and the few sites I looked at are sort of vague and just left me with more questions. Can someone simplify this madness for me?

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    The US Government isn't going after the sites directly under the auspices of UIGEA,their supposition is that since UIGEA made it illegal for banks to service US clients of the sites that the sites were (are) guilty of breaking banking laws. Meh,it was enough to get a series of indictments but in a Federal Grand Jury deezer I could prolly get an indictment handed down on you for trying to bugger the Queen,or something similarly ridiculous. But it WAS enough to get the sites to shutdown for US players (at least for now...) until this is resolved.

    And I would be willing to bet that it WILL NOT be in a courtroom.
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      So what's the work-around? How are you guys still playing on Pokerstars and Full Tilt for real money? Are they just not letting new US players sign up but it's letting those already signed up carry on? Seems nuts to me. Your country could use the revenue and those gaming responsibly shouldn't be punished for those lacking control. Gambling prohibition is something I'm so glad isn't an issue here. When abused, yeah it can ruin lives but an assumption should be made that everyone should be responsible for their own actions. I would hope tho that our social ideals would allow us to show compassion and help those who are sick with addiction - reasonable use of my taxes IMO. Those poor souls who can't help but put their rent money on 14 red at a roulette table and profession/recreational poker players are like apples and oranges. Shame law doesn't reflect that.


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        Uh deezer you may want to check the timeline on when the article on the UIGEA that you read is from. Sounds like you're reading something from a year or so back.

        We US players ARE NOT playing on Stars or Tilt (or several others) for real money and have not been since April 15th when the axe fell.


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          Thanks Pip

          Still curious as to how some sites are "US Friendly". So sorry to hear that and hope things switch around soon for you.



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