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    Two things I have come across as of late that I cant put my finger on.

    One,I have been able to beat the Headsup Hypers @ the $1.50 lvl all day.
    I stop and work out and have dinner,return and the manure hits the fan and I hit a wall.
    River beats and pure suckouts,so much so that I dropped $17.50 after going up $25 for the day within a hour.It was unreal and yet I have noticed this pattern happening alot.
    Not sure if I play better against grinders,Im starting think that might be the case or if it is a time zone thing!

    Second issue is that I can jump up to the $15s and win at a nice clip but I dont feel comfortable hanging out at that lvl till I have a good roll.Noticed this in cash as well,when I run bad @ 2nl move up to 10NL and I will be fine.Is it the change of pace or do I clearly fall apart against bad players?

    Anyone going through either of these issues?

    Frustrating to know that you can beat a player within the first 4 hands and yet they will get lucky.
    Variance yes,but seems like something else is in play and I am not talking conspiracy,more something about my play.

    And on a sidenote why are the VPPs so low on these Hypers?
    .33 on the $1.50 and the $15s are only 1.71!
    Be nice if they raised these but I think it might have something to do with people would be playing these to reach Super nova more.

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    This may sound stupid DR but its the only thing that i has ever worked for me- when im playin HU plhe/plo- i can beat the players like me- relatively tite aggr. but i CANNOT BEAT THESE LAG CLOWNS- was the same when i played hockey- we a tite discipline team- many times a real unorganized team would beat us with a lucky bounce- etc-- obv. i exaggerate - for pupose --

    One thing i have noticed about these players- is that they do not know how to play good starting hands- so when they raise- thats when i call with trash-- and beat them at their own game- give it a shot- and gl- monk..


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      Seems similiar to what I posted earler. Sit and wait and wait and wait and wait to finally get a hand to pick these guys off. I finally do, shove as a large favorite, but lose??

      Tough to swallow sometimes.

      3 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Time of day is a big one, for me anyways.. and I tend to play better HU against better players, the loose crazy ones tilt me lol going all in every third hand etc, One thing that works for me against the donks is to play passively on the button, especially with a great starting hand against the good regs I mix it up a lot 3b crap hands limping etc, and I never try to 3b bluff an idiot, they will just call with bottom pair



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