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    PSO league game
    Chat just after the first break

    spike8998: its real money at the end of the month to add to your br
    crzymm: br?
    spike8998: bank roll
    crzymm: oh
    crzymm: well hopefully she's not to worried bout that.
    Dealer: Limits going up: blinds 125/250 ante 25
    crzymm: anyways she said I could play
    andyhann: how old are you
    crzymm: just hope she comes back before I am done
    crzymm: lol 19
    crzymm: just
    spike8998: on who's account ?
    andyhann: you have to be 21
    andyhann: il just put a report in
    crzymm: no she started the game but had to go to get my bro
    crzymm: well whatever she can sit out
    crzymm: u guys are up tight
    spike8998: so you are playing on your mums user name ?
    spike8998: silence speaks volumes

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    Cant find it right now- but in the TOS it states that the only reason you can give control of a game to another- is because of a power outage, loss of internet service- etc. why dont you send this lady a PM and let her know- her accnt can be frozen for this- that should stop it right there--


    • #3
      Along with what Monk said about the TOS allowing another to play...that player still must be over 21. I would report this even though the other player said he was going to.

      BTW Spike..seen Hangover 2 yet? Cool azz monkey in that.


      • #4
        over 21 in the USA, not sure about other countries... in Canada you can legally drink at 19 and its lower in Europe so....


        • #5
          18 in the UK

          No Danno not yet


          • #6
            you can gamble at 18 in Canada


            • #7

              hay devil BOY-- how old do u have to be to buy booze in Quebec?


              • #8
                18 years old


                • #9

                  man o man- that was a rhetorical question-- please amend your roster- so that the umpires know the batting order-.


                  • #10
                    We had this problem nipped in the butt by Nov. last year and here it is turning its ugly head again.
                    Like I said in other posts,cheating is like a virus that spreads and turns good players off.



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