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drunk guys thoughts

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  • drunk guys thoughts


    This is just my opinion,

    PSO is a marketing tool for stars, a pretty good one l think, the $17.500 they give away every month, there most likely getting back one way or the other, this is a business, there out to make money, 1st and foremost, now that being said.

    Lets look at all the positives,
    $17.500 in prise money, the forum, where we can voice are opinions, the league, where we can play against each other and better our games for free, and win free money, also l love the competitive nature of the league. then theres all the friends l have made here, without the pso, l would have never made a friend in online poker, if it was not for the pso.

    Now the negatives
    So far it seems the staff at the pso, so they tell us have very little power to make changes, or to act on the cheating that seems to be ongoing here, well if this is the case and true, thats pretty sad.

    There are many members here that take this league very seriously, for one reason or another.
    l for one don't really, l try to make my $50 and run, l use it for give aways in the drunk tank, l don't play to win it, but still want the pso to be fair and fun for all.

    ok let me pick on the staff of the pso

    the real only failure l see so far is that, where are you, negative or positive comments or suggestions from your members go unheard, you guys are the pr peeps of the pso, we want feed back, good or bad, at least we would feel like your listening, the same issues arise every month, even if nothing can be done, address it, and maybe we will move on,

    now members,

    at times our suggestions and comments are not very constructive, so l can see why we do not get any feed back, maybe we can try to put our feeling and concerns in a more pro-active way,

    l would hope that we ( pso staff/pso members ) can start working together on the issues, and communicate in a constructive and positive manner, just maybe then the issues may get resolved, butting heads like we do now, is getting us nowhere.

    just my 2 cents

    flame away,

    cheers all
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    Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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    PSO is a marketing tool for stars, a pretty good one l think, the $17.500 they give away every month, there most likely getting back one way or the other, this is a business, there out to make money, 1st and foremost, now that being said.

    Read more: drunk guys thoughts - PokerSchoolOnline Forum

    Active members in PSO pre BF-- 10,000 +/-
    5.5 vpp awarded for evry $1.00 in rake = average player spends say $ 4.00 in rake to be active-X 10,000 = $ 40,000

    Active members in PSO now -- 5000 +/- = $20,000 , they still makin money-- and is a great place to start---- ty again PSO and Pstars--


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      Monk, your numbers are way off
      Most active players are active without PSO
      If you want to put up numbers, look at all the inactive players of May and out of those players, how many are active in June?
      How many of the May winners only spend their winnings (which is only $3)

      Look at June $93 will be given to non active players, those players will probably spend only that money. All the rest is distributed to active players and I'd say that 80% of those spend with or without PSO

      Those are the numbers, not $20,000


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        I believe they are right- rake collected by stars - is rake collected by stars- what i am saying is- they are not losing money- go pick a fight elsewhere please- i not in the mood- why cant u see that my post was demonstating that fact-- geez--


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          $17,500 free ? Hmmmmmm I think not
          Stars make this prize pool and then some each month from rake
          Laughing all the way to the bank springs to mind
          Its profit pure and simple in a business that makes money


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            Monk I'm not trying to pick a fight with you When someone puts up false information, I like to correct them You are absolutely right about what's going on and it's very frustrating, but the blame is on PokerStar, not PSO. YOU like others say, that PSO is part of PokerStar, therefore all the rules and decisions are based on PokerStar rules. I'm sure PSO are just muppets following what PokerStar dictates. Everything that goes on here at PSO happens everywhere else. I was going to say "especially in freerolls" but no, it happens at every level. PokerStar should first and foremost, do a check up on every player, maybe write a program that prohibits players from the same country to sit at the same table (don't think so). You got to understand that PokerStar can't police every table (20,000 at times). When I was a mod at PokerStar, when on duty, I had non stop calls, those were 4 hour shifts. Those were players calling mods. There was about 30 of us at one time. So we were swamped, maybe you should (I know I wouldn't return). Hats of to the PokerStar mods, it's a very non validating job. Mods will only deal with language and abuse, all other items are forwarded to support. And again, it's a very small team. So again, there is no way they can monitor every table and every player All the problems you bring up, have to be taken care of by support at PokerStar, but you need to go through a mod first. I think that what's frustrating is the hierarchy process. Rules and how to process them have been written and are pass on to mods, supports and PSO staff (since PSO is run by PokerStar) What you've been doing Monk is extraordinary, you've been the Colombo of PSO, but unfortunately, the decision makers are going with what's written black on white. Just to show you what I mean, I speak French, so I do get a jiff of some Spanish, Italian, so when I was a mod and was called at a table because of some swearing going on, the fact that it wasn't in English, there's nothing I could do (as per the rules). I knew what was said because I was able to translate, but nooooooooooo. I couldn't even say English only because that's not what the call was all about. In conclusion, I don't want to fight with you Monk, but bringing this up over and over will not make a dent in PSO nor PokerStar Now what frustrates me, is the absence of the staff, their lack of response to suggestions, basically their invisibility. Continuous problems with the leaderboard, forum problems, promotions not fully though out. This as been brought to their attention and they never seem to understand the word COMMUNICATION. I think that those are the items we should be complaining about to PSO. As for the all the items you are mentioning (cheating, collusion, multi accounts etc) should be forwarded to PokerStar. Again, nothing against you Monk umbup:umbup: PS. Another thing that frustrates me, 2-3 players per table have no clue about this league, aren't aware of the monthly prizes and especially don't give a shitz about it. Also 6-7 players per table have no clue about this forum, nor do they give a rats azz about it
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              The real reason why l started this thread, was to try to get both sides ( the pso staff and pso members ) to start discussing issues in a constructive way.

              The thread that was started the other day by eric, about, how to play AA, was the best thread ever, no fighting, nothing but great debating,

              this is how all issues should be handled, in a civil manner,

              l know l try explain things in a different way, l think it's the hippie in me..

              Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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                For some reason I can hear John Lennon singing Imagine in my head LOL



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                  ?? Its all good sand- im just a lil perma tilted - not gonna play til Monday i think- 1st game this day- not 1 but 2 clowns announcing hands- had to report them- thats 12 or 13 since last sunday-- gl all- imma goin fishing-- cheers---umbup:


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                    Why dont u donks just get on with playing poker gl all



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