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Staff Getting Tired of this (PT2)

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  • Staff Getting Tired of this (PT2)

    Since some how people got bumhurt for a reason I did not follow,I will start another thread so we can work on getting this addressed properly.

    The argument I keep reading from PSO is that it is out of their hands,fine you can take that stance.
    My view is that is a cop out but whatever makes the ship sail smoother.

    So lets now address pokerstars support who forwards are email to special investigators.
    You wait two weeks and will receive a cookie cutter response that they feel is suffice and will get you to go away.
    Here is the problem that has made the problem more acute,PSO has a forum that we can communicate with one another and see if justice has been served.
    I have always been told that the player I have reported has been warned,yet in never seems to come across when I am communicating with the accused.They would blow off some steam in my direction
    knowing that it was me that reported them,but it never comes.So I figure I have reported a lot of people since that start and support always pats me on the back and tells me what a great job I do
    in protecting the integrity of the game.
    So now my beef.

    -They mention the player has been warned
    (Never came across any player that said they have been warned,I even know De Hitman reported me and I never got a warning).I know I was wrong and accept that I was trashing him and yet nothing came.

    - They claim to note the account as I request for the future
    How can this be if I have reported the same person 4 times and the last time was a months worth of hands to slam the hammer down?They gave me the same response that they would if I had only reported him once.

    -The response is always the same
    No matter what I am reporting they give me the same response.The player is ignorant of the rules and has been told or some other lame excuse they can think of.

    -A league they supposedly want to run well,they seem to have no idea about.
    I mention PSO and they never make a reference back about it or even acknowledge it,PSO puts
    all of the blame on pokerstars,but are able to get funding for coaching,monthly payouts,bonuses and this forum.So are we to believe the communication stops at that?

    We need to get this sorted out or I promise you a really bad outcome will be coming down the pipe.Each month that this goes on the problem gets worse,viruses spread and I play just enough to notice what is happening in PSO.

    -Lack of people contributing to the forum
    Yes the American players are no longer playing,but this league seems to have turned from helping each other to get what I can get and F every one else.
    -People that have shown concern are getting dismissed
    Mods need to let threads go if something important is being discussed.
    Its obvious that those of us reporting hands are getting the shaft for wanting something better.
    Even if you believed this is not a PSO problem and you cant do anything about it,it needs to be talked about so we can rally in mass when dealing with pokerstars.

    This is not a subject you can shut up and hope it goes away.
    All you need to do is look up De hitman to realize that.
    I think we have a bigger disconnect with the Mods since most of them are American players that are unable to see what is going on in the games.To think it is business as usual is shortsighted.

    Let us air this out and figure out how we are going to solve this.

    -Signing of rules and three strike system
    -Passing this on to Pokerstars for us peons with something that supports our view

    Open discussion..Lets get this sorted before a lot of us leave.

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    ??? +1 and just so you know- i have an ear open with a poker specialist- and they are aware that the PSO is in sad state of affairs-- when concerning collusion, and blatant cheating-- umbup: one more thing i would add- when in a cash game and players are found guilty of collusion, or cheating- the money can be confiscated and re- distributed among the affected players- many of us in here have had that happen- yet in the PSO- where we are playing for points- that is not the case-- YET at the end of the month- we trade these points in for cash- and that is why i believe some thing needs to be done-- i lost 10 points this evening alone- as a result of these players actions- which would put me in 5th place- atm- and require me to play 1 less tourney to reach my goal-- and that bites----------------
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      well said cookies these threads have been continuously shut down unjustly all for the sake of keeping some kind of "peace" of this site and is one of the main reasons for my lack of interest of the PSO site i have found it necessary to seek other mediums to communicate to other members of this community that was once more unionized together i hope with the effort of yourself and others that this site can become enjoyable again take care evil:
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        When we close something that does not mean go open another one, so we can have more Flaming going on

        This the Only Warning we giving on this

        ** closed **
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