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wats the #$%&ing point

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  • wats the #$%&ing point

    when i get beat by a good hand or a good play i will be the 1st to say nh. but this is in the last 24 hours. AA cracked by 4 6. JJJ cracked by Q 6 with a 4 card str8 on the river.AA cracked by a 4 card flush. QQ and what does the other guy turn over? KK. A Q with 2 pair. what does the other guy have on the river? str8. went the whole way with K J and not even a pair. what the hell is going on?

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    Originally posted by okaboy33 View Post
    ........................what the hell is going on?
    Poker at it's BEST umbup:


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      Was there for your last 1 oka- and ya- when you combine a downswing of variance- with poor preflop decisions by opponents- it can really drive ya nuts-- just remember - that at the end of the day- YOU WANT THOSE CALLS ALL DAY EVERY DAY - as you will -in the long run- come out ahead-- gl monk...


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        thx monk. good words. i've had bad runs b4 but this is sick for just 1 day. and consider that i slept for 8 or 9 hours of said day.took the time to actually look back in the forum and read ppls posts. seeing others experiencing exactly what i'm going through brought things back into perspective and got me out of that "why is this happening to me" funk. i'll definately be posting more. just gotta remember "we dont remember the hands we win, only the ones that we lose". i'm gonna try focusing more on the hands i winumbup:


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          Hey oka one I thought of the other day goes like this...

          We all acknowledge variance until variance acknowledges us. At that point the chit is rigged.


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            lmao funny and deep moxie


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              Lost heaps

              Think your having problems my friend,the DOGGS lost 160 points last three days,last 4 times ive had AA been cracked,three times by 10 10,shoved the first two times,and they both hit there sets on flop,so slow played the last one and ,the 10 still hit on the flop,but the last one was the best,im in bb with AA,utg raises 3 bb,one mid player calls,so i shove over the top,both call,utg turns over,77mid pos turns over 10 4 os,the flop.............................................. .10 4 10 blank blank,getting cracked by the 10s wasnt to bad,but 10 4 os,hes a magician that player or aye**********************DOGG GONE


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                I feel your pain okaboy...only a few days ago I busted out of 3 of my 4 PSO games holding KK. Two of them I ran into AA. So I cant even complain about 3 bad beats lol. The one bad beat was "dished out" by a guy who cant even manage a 1500 rating. And today I saw my hopes of a much needed ITM crushed when I snap called a shove by someone holding QJ. I had AK and the J hit the turn to cripple me while he finished ITM. What annoys me about that is that I have played only two pots with him in PSO. EVER. And both times I had him stuffed preflop and both times the size of the pot would have secured me an ITM if I won. But they both went his way. It's even more annoying when I see that the guy is ranked in the Top 25 this month. Because he is clearly relying on dumb luck to get far rather than good play. There are days where no matter what you do....or how you do it...the result will be wrong even if the play is right. And I would admit without any shame that it does get to me when it happens to me. It even annoys me when I see it happening to someone else who i know to be a good solid player lol. I hate seeing a clown prosper while a good player gets punished. But thats poker folks...its as exhilarating and fun as it is heartbreaking and maddening. Without the lady luck factor we'd all be complaining of boredom lol.


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                  completely agree on the luck factor. what pisses me off is every time i check the stats of who knocked me out they are 4000 or 5000th place. i'm losing my rank to someone who obviously doesn't care how they play. so why do they bother. thats like me saying " i;m gonna go run 80 feet in 24K marathon". but no matter what i love the game and am looking forward to the 8pm PSO. I'm going to stick to my game plan. hit some ITMs and finish off the month in top 50 the 3rd mth in a row. maybe not a bug feat to some. but im proud of it . as i say when im about to be to be knocked out

                  gg and gl all


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                    Like all the other posters, Oka, I feel your pain. Yesterday I played in a bricks and mortar casino and lost 3/4 of my bankroll. Packed it in and went to my bi-weekly game in the neighbourhood. Won back everything I lost in the afternoon and a few bucks more. That's variance for you.

                    Hang in there. After all, AA is still the best starting hand. Every time someone calls your AA pre-flop they are paying you off - maybe not this hand when they crack your Aces, but all other times when those Rockets stand up.

                    Good Luck and see you at the tables.

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