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rebuy and add-on tourneys.

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  • rebuy and add-on tourneys.

    Recently, I played a $5.50 buy in tournament with a 60 minute period rebuy and add- on. It was a very different dynamic than a normal tourney. Most players just kept shoving preflop or on the flop. Should you be shoving with premium to mediocre hands hoping for a early double, considering the fact that you can always rebuy? What are some strategies in playing a rebuy-add on tournament?

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    To be totally honest I think it depends on your bankroll. Some players like to shove and hope for a double up. To be totally honest I think that it's not great play to shove with marginal to terrible hands hoping for a double up when its very easy to double up with good play alone.

    However, saying this it is easy to take advantage of the looseness of some of the players in these tournaments. I often will call an all-in in a re-buy with any pockets above 10 10 and high suited connectors because often you are better than 50% to win the hand, and if your luck doesn't go your way you can always re-buy.

    I would say, in conclusion, since general looseness is higher in re-buy tournaments, act a little looser than usual, but don't sink to the level of players who will call 3 all-ins with A 7.


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      K, thanks.


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        Usually its best to just play uber tight and shove premium pairs and at times mid pairs also even sometimes, all about trying to get a decent stack before rebuy period ends thats when the tourny usually really starts :P................Also shoving AK is very good, raise folding AQ AJ is all fine, most people will probly stack off tho since its rebuy.....its all really up2 u tho depends on ur approach........


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          lol but dont just open shove if ur first in the pot obv, i mean u can and will getg called about half the time but if u notice everyones playing very tight than just play ABC raise, get 3 bet hoppefully n just 4 bet shove look for spots to get it in



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