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ok so Iam done

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  • ok so Iam done

    gl to all you PSOers, I guess I just dont have the patience for PSO it was fun while it lasted but Iam not gonna keep playing on a site where I have to constantly worry about being donked by donks then to turn around and get donked by "supposed" good players the most recent to do this will in fact be reading this and I will say again you were raising every hand, and then to limp in with 5-10o?!?!?!?! screw off I mean SERIOUSLY????? and another calls 1600 preflop which at the time was THE POT!!! and then calls my all in on flop with J-Ao and A high????? I had KK I dont have to tell you what came on the turn, and there has been other so called "good" players that have donked me, and you know what????? I have NO problem being donked!!!! by a player that is a donk, not someone that ranks high every month!! its bad enough I have to worry about real donks but also donks in makeup?!!?!?!?! so whatever Iam done I cant do it I had a really good 2 1/2 months and this month Iam fighting to stay in 30$ range?!?!!?!? and YES I know we have downswings and that doesnt bother me but had the first person I spoke of in this post FOLDED like THEY SHOULD have I would of gotten the pot and been able to stay alive abit longer

    again gl to all the friends I have made, its unfortunate that we got along so good and now I will never see you again :-(

    peace out

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    Don't let the door hit ya...



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      ?? A good rant will make u feel better- 4 sure-- gl man- see you next month- am sure you be here--umbup:umbup:


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        Originally posted by monkeyskunk4 View Post
        A good rant will make u feel better- 4 sure-- gl man- see you next month- am sure you be here--umbup:umbup:
        Are 30 people gonna tell him to stay?


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          Originally posted by ssuglia View Post
          Are 30 people gonna tell him to stay?
          That JjJjust doesnt get old !!!!!!!!!!!!umbup:


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            Originally posted by monkeyskunk4 View Post
            That JjJjust doesnt get old !!!!!!!!!!!!umbup:
            LOL no kidding mileypoker:moke:


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                Oh shut up Bones, this is BS.

                You won't go anywhere, we have a race going on. Hey, if you're afraid at the end of the month I'll outrank you just say so, no need for all the drama.

                On a more serious note I know what you're saying, this month was crazy so far. No reason to take it personally though. It has something to do with all the new players from all over the world that joined recently and have no idea how to play anything but bingo. It's tough to build a stack early without risking too much when every hand someone's all in or close to that. There's another factor involved that I won't get into, also related to the new players, though indirectly.

                All this means that at some point in the near future when some of them will get bored to play for nothing and some will figure out there's something to play for, things will settle down. Until then you just do what we do when short-stacked early, hang in there.


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                  you are right dR3am, Iam not going anywhere, but it is very frustrating to battle donks and then battle donks in makeup too, I will be in the 8pm game its just GEEEEEEEEZ louise very frustrating lol


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                    hahahahaha your post cracks me up dudeumbup: i said the same thing before but im still here
                    2 Time Bracelet Winner


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                      yeah lol and I have said it many many times, unfortunately it was a case of coming here right after it happened, anyone that knows me knows Iam a lifer lol love the game too, too much to ever walk away


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                        What you need is Tilt release Bones. Hope the link above helps (always worked for me).
                        Last edited by Moxie Pip; Thu Jun 23, 2011, 07:13 AM.


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                          This one cracks me up every time.


                          Gotta make my mind up...

                          WHICH SEAT CAN I TAKE?!?!?!


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                            Know how ya feel bones but hang in there m8 and if ya cant beat em join em spend a month being a superdonk Im going to next month and Im going after all those donks who donked me nothing like being donked by a donk lol


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                              Bones, Do what I do throw the bloody lap top out the window or the wife whatever is nearer, but remember its expensive though and also you will need to buy a new Laptop...........
                              2012 Double Bracelet Winner
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