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November EE2C

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  • November EE2C

    ***********NOVEMBER EE2C In-Duc-Ttees*************

    This is El-Vice-Presi-Den-Ttee Randy (rggator).

    If you are not familiar with EE2C: It is the Ex-Ttra Elite 200 Club. If you have played over 200 games Ex-Cep-Tion-Ally well (over 69.00%) and have over $10,000 in PSO bankroll, we include you as an Ex-Ttra Elite (Ex-cell-en-Ttee, Ex-Ttra-Ord-I-naree, Ex-xem-Pla-airy) Player.

    In conjunction with Senior Poli-Ccee Direc-Tor-Rree Bill (WildBill41), and EE2C El-Presi-Den-Ttee Andy (stkjk) the bar has been set. Again, a lot of Ex-Cep-Tion-Ally GOOT players did not make the list.

    [Note, an Honorable mention to wstwst who was 1st in the Diamond League this month and missed getting into EE2C by .01%]

    Bring on the 76 Trombones, Please: The members of NOVEMBER EE2C 200+ games/$10,000 bankroll:

    #18 EE2C Member is Lion: 69.05%, 439 games, $13,342. The cat is back!

    #17 EE2C Member is geezer: 69.08%, 772 games, $15,738. We know PSO members have played over 10 million hands, but this dude has played 20 million hands himself.

    #16 EE2C Member is ronald1: 69.21%, 406 games, $17,677. A very skeery player. I never know what he has.

    #15 EE2C Member is tko16: 69.22%, 258 games, $26,600. One of the best satellite players out there. And he can play a multi too: 3rd in the Silver League this month.

    #14 EE2C Member is dreams32097: 69.24%, 257 games, $15,729. This guy is dreaming of making it into the WSOP. I think he will get there.

    #13 EE2C Member is gtholdem: 69.64%, 276 games, $20,549. How does she always know what cards I have????

    #12 EE2C Member: rggator: 69.65%, 640 games, $10,549. I hear this guy is a BIG Steve Spurrier fan.

    #11 EE2C Member is: Hukilau: 69.66%, 500 games, $33,857. This guy has joined forces with the two gators, and will be a part of the most formidable American Poker Playing team ever assembled. And if you didn’t hear: Huk won a $10,000 seat into the World Poker Finals in Foxwood. And $4500 in Cold Hard Cash (the best kind of cash out there.) CONGRATULATIONS HUK!!!

    #10 EE2C Member is rbminn: 69.90%, 450 games, $22,536. This Minnesotan warmed up the Gold League this month, capturing 5th.

    #9 EE2C Member is Serpico: 70.12%, 501 games, $11,835. Part of the British invasion, this guy specializes in very randy Undercover Operations of the International Relations Variety.

    #8 EE2C Member is Hitman: 70.26%, 273 games, $23,447. 4th in the Gold League this month.

    #7 EE2C Member is gobama: 70.37%, 224 games, $12,558. A player whose game I have always respected, Welcome gobama.

    #6 EE2C Member is Debonair: 70.87%, 320 games, $10,358. His close friends call him CHICAGO BILL. He has a “D” seat for THE BIG ONE at PSO; A seat in the WPO final on Poker Pages; And he has qualified for the Poker Party Million Championship.

    #5 EE2C Member is FreddieBoy: 70.95%, 464 games, $25,911. The golden voice of FANCAST: Our very own FreddieBoy.

    #4 EE2C Member is minpin: 71.36%, 340 games, $25,043. Thanks again for your wonderful addition to our poker tools!!!

    #3 EE2C Member is JCastle: 72.15%, 403 games, $23,101. 1st in Satellite League #1. JCastle is TOO GOOT!

    #2 EE2C Member is pspitalnic: 72.24%, 221 games, $40,259. If you want some schooling, watch Paul play NLHE. He is a Goot, Goot Player, and only getting better. He got 1st in Gold this month, no surprise there.

    #1 EE2C Member is PocketRocket: 72.76%, 455 games, $16,163. PR is an Omaha Ex-Pert Ex-Ttra-Ord-I-naree. He got 3rd in the Platinum League this month.

    EE2C members captured 7 money-paying spots in the leagues this month (almost 40% of our members). And did you notice that EE2C members got 1st in 2 different leagues this month. That is GOOT PLAY!!!!

    So there you have it, the Elite 200 Club for NOVEMBER.

    On behalf of the EE2C worldwide organization and all of it affiliates and subsidiaries:


    (Randy, rggator)

    EE2C: The only club at PSO to promote GOOT! play.

    Please note the following disclaimer: EE2C makes no claim as to the accuracy of this information. All percentages and amounts were compiled as of NOVEMBER 1st, 4:15 pm. Any PSO members who have achieved a percentage of greater than 69.00% over the last 200 games, and $10,000 in bankroll should contact El-Vice-Presi-Den-Ttee rggator or El Presi-Den-Ttee stkjk for inclusion in a later posting. All rights reserved, EE2C, MMII.

  • #2
    Thank you RG! Truly an honor. Will try to live up to the high standards of the organization!


    • #3
      Might I recommend using the PSO Detail to get the cumulative % for EE2C?

      It contains all PSO players and you can look at cumulative % for multi table tournaments only. As it stands, some people might make the list if their sat results were thrown out, and the standings would look different if sats weren't included. Remember, for newer players (joining after the Big One) none of their sat results are included, while some of us have early satellite results included in the cumulative table.

      lion's cumulative (multis only) is actually 72.06% which would move him up considerably in the list (just one example).


      • #4
        i had made a similar suggestion 2 Andy myself...i think it since we are using a combo of multis/sats, why not count the sats that have been played since the big one, since we can get an % from pso detail on that. Also, make the increase in games to 300. the guava nectar has been spilled...



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