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Wondering about PokerStars tournaments

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  • Wondering about PokerStars tournaments

    I was wondering why pokerstars doesnt have more small tournaments that start you off with 10000chips and 20-30minute blind levels for expample like the 11$ deepstack. I always want to play in these kind of tournaments but I can never find them anymore. I think they might only have them once a week at a time that isnt good for me.

    Also I was wondering. Why not make tournament sattelites structured the same as the target event?

    And why is the pso scheduled during 10pm here until 10am? Most normal people sleep during this time where I live. Why dont they make two seperate schedules within the league but for example you can only play in 6 out of the 12 tournaments? Wouldnt that be better so people from everywhere could play at anytime during the day? Its hard to play your best at 4 in the morning.
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    JMO-- deep stack- low buy ins-- supply and demand-- if these tourneys filled up faster- or reached the cap- am sure PS would run more-- and as it is- takes 6-8 hours just to get to itm in those- great tournies- yet how many low stakes players are there- willing to invest that much time--??

    Sattys are turbo- or hyper turbo- to allow maximum return for littlest time invested- to fill up the larger tournies-- i imagine-

    As for the PSO- I am pretty sure it was re- born to go after the north american and south american market- hence the EST times- now that the USA is gone- perhaps the tourney times will change- yet i dont think so- the # of players is increasing rapidly- and believe by the late fall - membership will be back up to 10 k or more-- gl.. monk - as always- only my opinion---


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      But what do you think about the extra 6 tournaments scheduled for an opposite time zone? But you can only choose 6 out of the 12 in a day?

      Maybe it wouldnt work because they would have to have and extra 120$ everyday for prizes
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        Also do you know what the structure of the new saturday tournaments are gunna be like?
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          what new saturday tournaments?


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            the new saturday line up im trying to find them but I dont think they are announced yet so I cant find out what the structures are gunna be like
            edit.. I just figured out if you click on the tournament picture in the lobby the tourament pops up
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              Hey pokerstar671 ... I was hoping to get more deep stack experience too, but those Sunday tourneys are so WAY outside my bankroll

              There are some cheaper ones that start off with 3000, and finally got around to giving one a go yesterday. Results-wise, it wasn't anything special for me (2 bad beats and I was out), but in terms of the learning experience, it was pretty cool ...

              I played the "$1.10 NLHE [6-max, $2k Guaranteed]", and you start off with 3000 chips. So at my table I had a nice mix of a silver star, a gold star, and two people who played like they were in the #3500 ranking of PSO (calling with hands like T7o, shoving all-in any time they connected with the board, VPIP 60% with a PFR of 0%, bleeding chips) ... it kind of felt like all that practice in the PSO had taught us enough to be able to do well against the newer players, while being able to learn the ropes of the new format from the more experienced ones?

              One thing that was different with the 3000 starting chips was that the stacks stayed around 40bb even as the blinds started to rise. And because of that, most people had the chips to defend their blinds from raises by the people in position, and there was a lot more 3betting. So that was something I wasn't really used to seeing. I don't have too many thoughts on that - still trying to process it all I guess

              I found the tournament under "Tourney", "Regular", "Micro", and they seem to have a few of these for a dollar that run at different hours of the day. Kind of a lot of work, just to break even though ... there might be easier ways to build a bankroll, but it was a neat learning experience


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                The new Saturday tournaments are under Tournament/Special in the Pokerstar's client. They have a no cash/free ticket promotion this week, so i thought it would be useful to post the details: Also, if you want to see the starting chips, blinds, etc just go into the tournament you are interested in and click tournament info for all the details. As far as PSO League times are concerned I doubt that they will change. They are by no means perfect for all time zones but they are probably the best fit for the majority. I realise that they have changed the times of other tournaments on Pokerstars but with the big Canadian participation in the PSO League I cannot see it happening. I have had to play quite a few league games in the early hours but I feel that if you want to compete in PSO you have to be willing to sacrifice. Indeed the same rings true of any endeavour that you want to get better at. I have never found a free lunch yet (despite many years of trying) but if you know of one yourself, let the rest of us knowumbup: TC


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                  Cool thank you umbup: Dont you wish pso had those sunday million sattelites again? But wouldnt be cool if they structured it the same as the sunday million for training
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                    Originally posted by topthecat View Post
                    I have never found a free lunch yet (despite many years of trying) but if you know of one yourself, let the rest of us knowumbup: TC
                    I may be buying one for my cousin if I run into trouble setting up my free trial of Poker Tracker and have to ask him for help



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