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bet sizing preflop

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  • bet sizing preflop

    i have been playing poker forever, i have watched many videos on bet sizing preflop, as well as getting information via poker books. One video i watched yesterday told me a: raising to 3x bb everytime you raise is like throwing your money away and b: NOT raising to 4-6bb is a leak.
    Any thoughts or suggestions on this people. I always think that raising the same amount disguises your hand and i dont understand the point of raising past 3x because to me your either guna get no action or action that you dont really want if say u have a10 or small pocket pairsn and someone flatcalls your 4-6x that could be trouble. I dunno, thats my opinion but i look forward to hearing yours.
    Also i only ever see anyone raise to4-6x in early stages of mtts and those players im pretty sure never really last to long.

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    You sound pretty well-informed on quite a few of the principles behind bet sizing. The video you watched may have advised that kind of bet sizing under special conditions (e.g. there were limpers in front of you), it may have been a bad video, or it may have been ahead of its time.

    Here's a link to a thread posted a while back. It might help.


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      I have not been playin poker 4ever- yet i do understand that as the game evolves- certain 'norms' are established-- similar to - the cutoff, becoming the new button- and UTG steals more common-- i have come to know that - 3x was the standard raise-- for quite some time--yet it seems to me that from watchin the higher stake tourneys-- that somewhere from 2.2 to 2.6 X bb - is now the standard approach-- to both disguise hand strength - and induce action-- gl-- monk...


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        i saw this vid on, not sure who the maker was becus i fell asleep lol, but he didnt give any examples behind the bet sizing, he just plain out said 3x is a waste and not betting 4-6x was a leak. the video seemed to have good points but not much explanation at this exact point i referred to. anyway thanks for the link and comment


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          lol i also havent been playin 4ever, was exaggerating, ive played under a year



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