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god bless the usa?????

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  • god bless the usa?????

    I've tried and tried to try to be optimistic and keep my chin up about the crap thats been going on in this country (US) and I friggin' finally give up. I'm old enough to remember the bicentennial (1976) celebration and the pride people had in this country, and how most felt blessed to be part of it.

    I tried to give that retarded idiot W. Bush the benefit of the doubt, especially after 911, but sure enough I was wrong. I hoped to believe Obama would possibly "change" something, that was just a stinkin load of b.s. too, and we all took a big bite of it.

    The corrupt in govt are paid off to stop banking regulations and right away the morally and ethically corrupt that run those corp's become richer than God by deception and fraud. Then they get the scumbags theyve elected and insured eternal wealth to to give them unimaginable amounts of OUR money to continue their scams. Then they take our money and buy foreclosure signs to stick in front of the houses of hard working americans who are unable to pay back the fraudulent and what should have been illegal loans they got rich with. Then they take the rest and give themselves multi million dollar bonuses for running a company into the ground. But why not, it's not their money, right? And that's just one example of a million I can think of.

    Another...this internet gambling crap. Now the DHS is involved? WTF! Considering all the absolute mindblowing problems that exist, the govt is throwing people in jail for running companies that free americans choose to solicit for fun and harmless entertainment? Sure, most people play poker recreationally and don't win. But isn't it my right to do with my already taxed money as I wish? And doesn't any hobby cost money. Golfing's not illegal, and that's a fairly expensive hobby, too! Besides, do you know what the only game in Vegas is in which the odds dont favor the house? Poker. 'Cause youre not playing against the house, you're playing against other players.

    And speaking of odds and gambling and govt' hipocricy. Right on the back of those scratch off lottery tickets it gives you the odds of winning. It's 1 in 4. something OF EVEN WINNING A FREE TICKET. It's a total gov't ordained scam. It's like 1 in 5 of EVEN WINNING YOUR MONEY BACK that you just spent on one! And then there are the "million dollar drawing" tickets. Chris Furguson, (poker pro) who used to work for the Cal. lottery, and is a math whiz, tried explaining the odds and the logic in participating by saying that the odds of winning are about the same whether you buy a ticket or you dont! So this is the gov't's version of legalized gambling?

    Like I said, I'm fed up. This is the straw that broke the camels back. There could be riots and looting and burning in the streets tomorrow. I just don't give a **** anymore. Nothing's gonna change, it'll just get worse. If I had a few more bucks saved, I'd move to Aruba or someplace like it tomorrow and say, good riddance.
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      As for myself I was also flabbergasted that DHS worked in conjunction with the MD states District Attorney's office to set up a sting for "illegal" bank transactions to go after additional companies besides the Big 3.

      So on-line poker is now a frigging threat to national security?

      Effing bite me US government.

      How about all of us who declared our poker winnings as taxable income on the gambling income box on our tax returns (me being a meager amount,LOL) declare,since they were willing to take THEIR cut as they see it,that if on-line poker is a crime then the US Government are accessories after the fact?

      And I STILL am waiting for one of these Puritanical ass-clowns to explain how what Stars and Tilt and the rest provide us,adults perfectly capable of making our own decisions with our own money in our own homes--how that is a no-no,but a scam artist wrapped in scripture scumbag like Harold Camping can continue to get away with HIS BS??!!

      And don't even get me started on the biggest,most dishonest casinos in this nation,if not the world. Goldman Sachs,Morgan Stanley,B.O.A. and the rest. You want rigged? There you go,deal with these crooks and see how you make out.

      Again Stars I don't even want any compensation beyond US players getting back on the site but I am dead serious about this...

      Do you want to operate with complete impunity in the US? Hell even enjoy every conceivable protection that our government can provide you?

      Then re-brand yourselves "The First Unity Church of the Rock at Pokerstars---serving the Devout and Value Whores alike".

      Hell show up at the IPO wearing Lipton and Tetley bags as fashion accessories (I know,I know) and there may even be a movement to declare the Isle of Mann as the 51st state.

      If that were to happen turn it down BTW,any offers be Damned.


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        IM no anti USA people or world for that matter, im person that don't like killing anything but thats part of life/ death ( We are Born to die, First thing we are guaranteed of when were born is death) What Fs me off is that innocent people have to die for the rich/powerful to keep on to there power, USA should be more worried about nature/act of god than terrorists.
        bible:- Thou shall not kill!, What u sow u reap.

        Well the only terrorist attack i know of in New Zealand was the French
        Did we go Bomb France, assassinate there leader, they attack NZ SOVEREIGNTY etc,

        (if u put it in context: * =Truth/Fact documentation, ! =Unproven/Hear Say)
        *NZ/USA get attack by terrorist actives , (NZ=Rainbow warrior, USA=9/11)
        *NZ=1 dead (french Man (MURDER in France?)Not even )
        *USA= 2,752+ dead ( ! meant to be 5000+ in buildings CCN at time of attack) + people in planes (plane site, God bless)
        0 Dead * French Terrorists (government) suspects get slap on hand (6/GOV french agents get away with it though 2 sentenced in court of law NZ)
        ! 16000+ Dead whoever responsible suspects (gets assassinated, dumped at sea! without court of law USA) thousands Innocent people dead (Iraq/Afghanistan) 1000s children/women dead?

        So if u put it in USA logic New Zealand can go kill french leader(at time), and deputy's and bomb the Beep out them (lol we don't have Air/bomber force), (ohh and steal there oil and precious minerals for War machine ( it reminds me of some other past country(1940s)
        "The sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, codenamed Opération Satanique,[1] was an operation by the "action" branch of the French foreign intelligence services, the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE), carried out on July 10, 1985. It aimed to sink the flagship of the Greenpeace fleet, the Rainbow Warrior in the port of Auckland, New Zealand, to prevent her from interfering in a nuclear test in Moruroa.

        Fernando Pereira, a photographer, drowned on the sinking ship. Two French agents were arrested by the New Zealand Police on passport fraud and immigration charges. They were charged with arson, conspiracy to commit arson, willful damage, and murder. As part of a plea bargain, they pleaded guilty to manslaughter and were sentenced to ten years, of which they served just over two."

        The scandal resulted in the resignation of the French Defence Minister Charles Hernu.

        SO THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT (Secret Services world over) are responsible for BEEPINN SHIRT, SO WHY DON'T USA INVADE FRANCE? WE CAN LOL

        My point is USA UK ETC didn't do a thing, NEW ZEALAND Military personal have died in WW1, WW2, KOREA, VIETNAM, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, and many more wars battles for USA / British , AND A NATO partner can get away with TERRIOST Activeness. AS a New Zealand/world citizen it BEEPS ME OFF,

        Read more: Hardcore Hockey Fans / bin Ladin haters - Page 2 - PokerSchoolOnline Forum
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          High times

          stop herping and derping you are a disgrace to other new zealanders

          That "terrorist" attack by the french was an attack on greenpeace, which happened in NZ.

          While horrible and all that, it was not an attack on NZ by the French. Its not like they bombed the beehive or something.

          So saying we could have retaliated against France is just retarded... a common theme on pokerstars I have noticed


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            Have u heard WHO song WHO THE F ARE U
            as u didnt read my post, i was saying NZ cant attack french!
            "nerfmacestun That "terrorist" attack by the french was an attack on greenpeace, which happened in NZ."
            Read more: PokerSchoolOnline Forum - Reply to Topic

            and as u say its a "terrorist" attack, f Its a "terrorist", whats the target got to do with it!
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              Originally posted by 0HighTimes0 View Post
              Have u heard WHO song WHO THE F ARE U
              as u didnt read my post, i was saying NZ cant attack french!
              "nerfmacestun That "terrorist" attack by the french was an attack on greenpeace, which happened in NZ."
              Read more: PokerSchoolOnline Forum - Reply to Topic

              and as u say its a "terrorist" attack, f Its a "terrorist", whats the target got to do with it!

              You dropped your LSD today??
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                nope i just got fed off sorry, and the song came on radio as i read nerfmacestun reply, all the best and good luck nerfmacestun
                whats LSD? Lose Some Dollars?
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                  Lysergic acid diethylamide evil:
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                    was gonna invite you kiwis to a home game but yr too scary and grumpy


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                      Whacked out of your tiny lil' mind aren't you? As an american citizen, and a jaded one at that, even I do not ascribe such imbalanced equations to our psuedo-colonialistic spreading of democracy!! And I thought I smoked a lot of weed, geeez!!!


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                        Happy Flag Day America

                        Just found this to be an interesting opinion article. It does have a valid point though. Used to be everything advertised had some form of war theme promoting the members of the military or the folks at home supporting them or the war effort itself. I think these days not one company would have one of these types of ads for fear of losing sales, instead of promoting patriotism. Happy Flag Day June 14th America.

                        When ads celebrated soldiers and sacrifice, By Bob Greene, CNN Contributor




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