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Fantasy Poker League Part II June 2011

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  • Fantasy Poker League Part II June 2011

    Fantasy League Part II June 2011

    Unfortunately with the events in April the original Fantasy League set up by ericnnancy came to an untimely end.

    However in my wisdom I believe that the phoenix should rise from the ashes and so we have The Fantasy League Part 2:


    1. Each team consists of seven players (I am still running with the Magnificent Seven theme)
    2. Stake $5.00 per team
    3. 1 players from the May top100
    4. 1 player from 101-250
    5. 1 player from 250-500
    6. 1 player from 500-1000
    7. 2 players from 1000-2500
    8. 1 player from 2500 +

    The following rules apply:

    All team players must be selected based on May rankings therefore proposed teams should not be posted until full leaderboard update on 1st June 2011.

    All Team submissions must be posted here and 5.00$ entry fee sent to my Pokerstars account by Friday 3rd June 2012, 10.00am EST at the latest.

    No team changes are possible unless the player has selected a team member in error outside the criteria laid out above.

    Team members can be trained/coached but any hint of collusion, chip dumping or providing assistance during the tournaments themselves will result in immediate team disqualification. My decision in this respect is final and no leniency will be shown.

    You can select yourself as a member of your own team if you wish.

    One in three players will be paid dependent on the number of entries

    Finishing positions will be calculated based on the cumulative number of points.

    It is up to team leaders to ensure that their selected players will participate in the month of June.

    I don’t know if I have thought of everything but I will update as we go along if required.

    It would be also neat if PSO would donate a small incentive to the prize pool considering the original Fantasy League hit the rocks. I will personally donate 10.00$ to the pool along with the 5.00$ that De Hitman sent me for the Player of the Month Award.


    I will not be selecting a team personally but should Darkman61 choose to participate I would like to be Mike Phelan, to his Alex Ferguson (he may not like that analogy LOL). I will also not be playing the number of league games that would make my selection on any team a profitable investment.

    I want to see a fair and equitable League in June, where the results of all individuals are not influenced by any external factors during the tournaments themselves, whether that be from players personally or other players supporting/railing. I feel this to be to the detriment of the league itself and to the detriment of any individual performances and it is not in the spirit of the game of Poker. Any instances reported, and factually backed up with hand histories, will result in immediate forfeiture of stakes which will be added to the total prize pool. Mitigating circumstances will not be accepted as an excuse for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

    I hope that this can be a focus for all the positive benefits for us all in PSO and that it can be used to nurture and develop the talent of aspiring poker players not just in PSO but beyond.

    Good luck at the tables,

    Last edited by topthecat; Wed Jun 01, 2011, 01:55 PM.

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    I can't say I'm fretting over the $3 that disappeared in the last one, but it'd still be nice to know how eric spent it


    • #3
      Surely the answer to that is he bought a deck of cards for his basement.


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        Originally posted by Darkman61 View Post
        I can't say I'm fretting over the $3 that disappeared in the last one, but it'd still be nice to know how eric spent it
        I'm sure he used his great bankroll management skills and invested it wisely. umbup: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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          OOh Top - you trying to lure me out of PSO semi-retirement


          • #6
            Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe


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              Hi Bog,

              I am trying but seem to be failing miserably. We are three hours away from the deadline and still no entries.

              If that remains the case. I will be offering the 5$ plus 5$ of my own as another form of incentive for white star players. I will check back later to see if there has been any feedback.


              Even if there is one entry prior to 10 am they will receive the entire 15$ prizepool

              Can't say fairer than that



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                TC this a great idea, could be very fun. And if the team managers were experienced players they could offer advice to their less experienced team members, thus potentially enhancing both the manager's and player’s bankroll. Win-win.

                Although not an experienced player myself I did toy with the idea of entering a team in the hope of bagging the uncontested prize! Then I remembered that stars doesn’t let me transfer funds without jumping through a whole load of hoops that I CBA to jump through.

                Maybe you could extend this for an extra day to see if there is some more interest. I am available on a free transfer in the 500-1000 range if it ever does get off the ground.


                • #9
                  Ok I will extend the entry time to Saturday 4th June at 10 am (EST)

                  Just so the prize is not uncontested I will probably enter a team myself later on this evening.

                  Now to keep things civil with her indoors i will have to tear myself away from the screen and do some gardening.



                  • #10
                    Sorry mate. Not this month. June is the biggest "social" month of the year for me and I'm already in danger of overloading myself with various commitments.

                    p.s. Get your non poker roll on the Queen's horse tomorrow and be sure to watch out for me going bonkers at the finish line !
                    Last edited by Darkman61; Fri Jun 03, 2011, 04:00 PM.


                    • #11
                      Cheers Darkman,

                      As I have two sons working as bookies I will sure get a bit of dough on your tip.

                      Care to send the details via PM



                      • #12
                        The boys will know who it is. You might want to get it on early, as the price could be ridiculously short by the off


                        • #13
                          Thanks will do,

                          I am afraid I have had to remove you as my top 100 player ( I need the points LOL) but I think I may have found a good substitute

                          GL with the gigis and bring the booty home.



                          • #14
                            Didn't that horse pick up an injury tho?


                            • #15
                              Less = more. I could've stopped playing on the 15th last month and still finished 8th. Reduced playing opportunities won't be a hindrance



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