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Who knows about PSO?

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  • Who knows about PSO?

    Hello Folks,

    It is late in the morning here and thankfully I can go to bed rather than work tomorrow and look forward to a 5 day weekend with my better half.

    I believe that I have at least finished in the top 10 this month with less than 50 games. I have played here three months seriously and my goal was always to surpass my previous month's result.

    So in March I made 15$ off my own bat, in April I made 30$ and without the assistance, guidance and tutelage from Darkman and others in his group I would never have reached that goal ( I maybe could have achieved more but the indecision surrounding April meant I played much less than I could have done).

    My goal for May was 50$ with less than 50 games; I could have played more off course but I felt may game was good enough to achieve this and 50 games is 150 hours roughly in the month. Now I have nothing but admiration for those that can grind out 5 or 6 games a day, but I am an old bloke and to dedicate from 4pm in the afternoon until 7am the next morning and work and sleep and have a life is just not feasible for me. For those that make their livelihood from poker I know it is part of the daily grind and i have nothing but the upmost respect for those players.

    Barring miraculous progression in my game, I will never be a Pro or making a living from poker, but PSO and the people I have met here have allowed me to better my game and more importantly enjoy it, win or lose.

    What really irks me though, is the amount of people who play in PSO tournies, and yet have no idea that PSO exists, and that the tournies are part of an ongoing monthly league. Are they not supposed to have passed a quiz from PSO in order to participate? How can they know nothing of PSO if they have apparently passed that quiz and are still playing?

    This is a major failing on the part of PSO, not just for PSO themselves, because this audience should be captured and nurtured as Pokerstars customers and some as potentially real Pokerstars, but also for those of us that actively participate in the PSO forums and league and are donked out (I hate using that word) by players who believe that PSO is a 10$ prize pool and nothing else. Somewhere along the way there is a failure to communicate and i always think of Cookies when I say that.

    So PSO/Pokerstars, is it not time you got your house in order? The guy with the big fish in his arms who always complains about the RNG on pokerstars might have nothing to complain about if the players participating knew they were part of a league and not just a donkfest!!!!

    And honestly guys, how many posts do we have a day on the forum, how many people are actually part of the community and improving their poker skills???? Not very many.....

    Do you know the reason why? Well, because apart from the mods, who do a sterling enough job, and Dave and the hand analysis team, the communication from the PSO hierarchy is post your hands up for analysis or look at this interesting hand involving Daniel. It simply ain't enough and there is a huge Berlin wall between staff /admin and us the clientele. If that was not the case how come at least 25% of the people playing PSO tournies have absolutely no idea about PSO at all.

    A big suggestion for you heads at the top: instead of displaying banners during games promoting money touries, why not have banners promoting PSO and what it hopes to achieve. I guarantee a much bigger long term rake than advertising 300$ buy ins for people playing a freeroll.

    I hope my check for the consultancy will arrive in the post shortly

    Good luck all,


    A big heads up to everyone that played to the very death, Hitman; lisbon roar, dussan and all the others. I could not play yesterday or much over the weekend but I enjoyed every moment of the four games I could play today.

    My biggest disappointment is DR3, a player I greatly admire and marketed as such before his 2nd place last month. For a person of that skill and poker ability to sit out the last day having virtually played 5 times a day every other day in the month just leaves a sour taste, winning the money was more important than the game and as Brunson will tell you once you start thinking about only the money, then your goose is cooked.

    You have dropped a notch in my respect DR3.

    GL everyone,

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    Welcome back... me

    Hey TC.

    As you said in one of your other posts, I also like to think I probably would have won the month of May, if only my account hasn't been frozen since the 31st till today. Long story short, in a tourney on the 28th, when I was almost out, the guy on my right let me have the blinds after calling from the SB, with a good board for him. I have never talked to him before, didn't know him, and he probably thought it would be a nice gesture. It was not a big thing, did not itm on that one, but I won't lie saying I wasn't glad at the time that I would live another round. But it really wasn't something planned and I hope the ones that met or watched me at the tables know cheating is not an option for me.

    As a result when I tried to log in on the 31st... "your account has been frozen, contact support". I also could not log on the PSO site to write in the forum, although I read everything (not much else left to do). After exchanging a couple of e-mails with them trying to explain the situation, I finally got my account back today, although they weren't convinced that we didn't know each other and that was an accident. Like that couldn't happen in a freeroll.

    Anyway... all your words of appreciation will motivate me to do better this month and prove you right and maybe at the end of June I'll go even a notch higher than before.


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      TC is this a good bye to PSO? It started off like it and then not sure. Hope you still play for I sure wish I still could.


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        I never can say Goodbye... LOL

        And DR3 my man I am so happy that you are back, and even more delighted that the reason for you not competing was not of your own violation.

        I rate you as the best player on PSO, and there are many good players here. With your success in the last two months and it would have been even greater I believe if your account had not been suspended, I believe, PSO should recognise a talent that has the potential to be at the very top of the game.

        They say they want a PSO Main Event winner, I truly believe you have that potential and that PSO should invest time and effort in nurturing your talent.

        Great to have you back! Crush this month my man.




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