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A quick hello (chat ban)

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  • A quick hello (chat ban)

    Hi, this is just a quick hello to the players currently battling it out at the top of the leaderboard. It always seems rude not to be able to respond to chat at the tables. Obviously some-one thinks that it's rude when i do chat at the tables (hence the chat ban). Maybe if people didn't call pre-flop all-ins with 73os on the bubble and then go whinging to the moderator, things would be a lot better for every-one.

    P.S. i just read Thanat0s666's novella about spreadsheets and suchlike, i'm also a sad geek and i've written an Android app for PSO which shows current rank, leaderboard, score history etc... i'll post the details later if any-one's interested (or maybe even if no-one's interested) .

    see you at the tables,

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    It is good to look down from the top toll. Very tight this month and I suppose the decision for us in the lower reaches of the leader board the question is to decide whether to take a shot and go for it or just sit it out and take the fifty bucks.

    Bad beats are just poker and someone with nothing to lose can push with anything in PSO but if you can get ITM without risking your stack on the bubble why do so?

    I have had a couple of bad beats in the last few tournies: trip Kings and villain hits inside top straight draw on the river (that one really hurt), AK,AQ,AJ off all smashed by small pocket pairs(2s and 3s). The first one really was a bad beat; the others were calculated risks against ATC players after the first hour and hour and a half to build a stack that would comfortably get to the bubble. Could I have folded and got positive points? Likely, but I felt it was worth risking a -10 score to get a +25/30 if I won the race.

    Throwing the rattle out of the pram when you suffer a bad beat is just counter productive for yourself and if you got a chat ban, you must have really went over the top or are a repeat offender. Then I am afraid I have no real sympathy but look at it positively the chat ban will allow you to concentrate on winning and not worry about the terrible hands that steamroll your good ones.

    Good luck for the rest of the month.



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      i hear ya toll gl this month im getting tired to of the idots in this league calling with nada then turn rivering ..... some peeps think idiots is strong language ok how about mental midgets if they had another braian it would be lonely......oh ya toll watch out for some of the top 50 they may not be what we think .....bubble hands i call them karma hands ...some peeps are drop quicker than their honeys pants at closing time gl to you


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