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Educational Game #2 - Sign-Up Thread

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  • Educational Game #2 - Sign-Up Thread

    Alright peeps, after the success of the first educational game and replayer session, I've worked out the kinks that made it a little less successful than it could have been, and everything is set up for game number two. Game number two will be a 6-max deep stack turbo, with 5 minute blind levels. I just need to get a list of who wants to attend, and I need a little input on the time.

    Here are the details. We will be using Ventrilo and ShowMyPC again, since they worked pretty well last time. We'll do the game review from my computer again, and I'll do my best to lead the discussion and keep the replayer session under two hours long. I've finally figured out how to get my replayer to work with home game hand histories, and with all hole cards showing, so things should go much faster this time around.

    If you're interested, remember that there are some requirements to playing:

    1) You need to have Ventrilo on your computer, and access to the Suited Aces channel (ask JDean for help with that if you need it).

    2) You need to be able to hear the discussion and, ideally, you should be able to talk back to us, so you'll need headphones/speakers and a mic.

    3) You need ShowMyPC downloaded to your computer. It's a pretty simple program, and the download is pretty fast.

    4) You need access to my home game club. See my thread 'Triple Range Mergers Study Group' in the Home Games forum for more information.

    5) You must have Pokerstars actively saving your hand histories to your hard drive, because this is the only way to get them for post-game analysis short of copy/pasting them from the instant hand replayer (which might take a long time). If you're not currently saving your hand histories, it's easy to do. Go to the Pokerstars lobby. Under the 'Options' drop down, click 'Instant Hand History Options...' and select a folder on your computer where hand histories can be saved. After the game, you just need to find the game's history, and send it to me. I'll put the info into one composite hand history for my replayer.

    5.95) Be respectful, play your best, and have a great time. Poker is a game, so learning how to beat it should be fun!

    If you're interested in attending, post here and let me know which of the following time blocks work for you. Feel free to suggest other times if you want. I'm aiming for only two hours for both the game and the replayer session, so these aren't necessarily the exact times that we'd be meeting, they're just my favourite times.

    In Pacific Time

    Thu. 26th, 7pm-10pm
    Sat. 28th, 10am-1pm
    Sun. 28th, 10am-1pm
    Sun. 29th, 6pm-9pm
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    hey panicky i would like to join the club but most likely will not play this weekend if i did play it would be saturday on the rules 1) If you have never been to ventrilo before you should sign up early to make sure that you have it working properly. If you do have problems there is a chat screen there also so that we can help 2) i would recommend using head phones or ear buds using speakers created a lot of feedback for me which made me sound quiet cause of lowering my volume to compensate 3) ( The first #3 or 3A ) When i used the showmypc download it did not allow me to save only run. This might be due to the fact that we are choosing to view another PC and not show ours. So in my case I will be visiting the site downloading the software patch and allowing it to run at the study session again like I did the last time. ( I just checked again and there is nothing in my programs menu about it being saved ) evil:
    Join My Home Game Club - The Joker's Wild


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      Hi Panicky,

      The early Pacific times suit me but not this coming or the next Saturday. I would suggest we use EST to avoid confusion as it is the Pokerstars default time and everyone should be familiar with it.

      I had the same issue as Joker with the software and had to keep downloading and it is not on my desktop or C: drive. It should not be an issue though.

      Dave had expressed an interest in this but weekends do not suit him so it might be an idea if we could do both the game and study session on weekdays. Maybe Dave could put forward some time slots that suit him.

      I enjoyed the first one, played way too LPA though and aggressive at the wrong time when the odds were against me. The maths and odds part would be a weakness and an area I wish to improve.

      Let’s see how the times work out and off course I am in.

      Thanks for all the hard work Panicky.



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        Originally posted by topthecat View Post
        I would suggest we use EST to avoid confusion as it is the Pokerstars default time and everyone should be familiar with it.
        I've been here eight months and I'm still not. I just ignore the timestamps. That's a bit lazy, I suppose. I just put up my time because I had trouble finding the conversion into EST and didn't want to mess it up.

        I intentionally avoided Live Training sessions and Friday and Saturday evenings when I suggested the time blocks. Hopefully I can get something to work for enough people to run at least one full table of players, who can also attend the replay. Feel free to tell me your preferred times, though. I don't know everyone's schedules.


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          If you're interested, make sure you post here. A number of people have joined the club but haven't expressed interest in this particular game. I'm only running it if I can get at least six people to do it, and I am flexible with the time.


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            Hi Panicky,

            I'd like to join this. Just looking at the times I presume Pacific means west coast Nth America? Is that right? I can make any of those times this week, though the two early Sat and Sun ones are a bit late for me (I'm 15 hours ahead of you making it 1am the day in front for me), even so I can make them if the grp prefers those.



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              The only time slot that works for me is Sun28th at 10am.

              The 6 and 7pm slots are 3 and 4am starts for me Way too late I am afraid.

              Hope that helps with scheduling.



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                How about everyone just post the times that they're available from Thursday through Tuesday. I'll pick a time that works for as many people as possible. And we could still use more members, in case anyone else is interested. It'd be great to get a multi-table tournament going.


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                    only time i'll be home is tuesday evening, so if not then, you kids have fun, and i'll see y'all at the next one....umbup:.....stack em high! MT
                    May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                      Alright. This week's game won't play. It doesn't look like I can get six people to attend this week. I'm going to schedule a game for this weekend anyway, but just to fit my schedule. If anyone wants to play with me, then we can chat and get in a little practice.

                      I'd appreciate it if anyone who is interested in playing one of these next week would let me know, either here or in a pm, when they're available to play (or when they're not available). I'll do my best to set something up for next week.


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                        how do i get an invite to your new home game club?
                        Double Bracelet Winner


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                          I've been pm'ing the club access info, but your inbox is all up and full. I didn't post the info publicly because I don't know if there are rules prohibiting it. The club access info is...

                          to be continued...


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                            Hi Panicky,

                            I am only free on the Sunday slot indicated at the moment over the weekend. I could be there for Tuesday even if it is 6pm Pacific.



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                              I think mt said he's available Tuesday-ish, so that might be a good day to set up a game. If it's a 6pm Pacific thing, then I can make it, too. But I don't necessarily have to make the game (although I'd really like to), so long as I make the review session (since I'm the one replaying it). Then, we'd just need to set up the replayer session.

                              I've set up the unofficial first game on Saturday night for me, since I wanted to practice setting up a game. I'm not expecting anyone to attend, but if anyone wants to come and can at that time, I will be there to play.



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