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$1.50 KO Stakes

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  • $1.50 KO Stakes

    Hey everybody

    I have been thinking of this idea for a while now and i have decided to set up a stake for the $1.50 KO 90 man sng's that i play.

    Heres a little background: I have been playing 90 man sng's for around 2 years now and they are heavily the main contributer to my bankroll. I often make a good profit on them (around 25 buy ins per 10-15 games) I would like to dedicate some time to solely playing these.

    My aim is simple, as this will be my frist stake i will start out small. I'll start with $75 (50 buy ins) and play 50 games (the bulk of which will start at around june 6th) my aim is for this challenge to take around a month so be finished by early to mid july. I have kept good records of my KO games and looking back at the data i am 99% sure i will double my $75 within the first 25-30 games. This is why i am setting this up because i truely do believe i can make a good return.

    the $75 will be split up into shares and there will be 100 shares at just $0.75 each so there is no excuss not to buy one. (you can buy as many as you like). The money i have left at the end of the challenge will be split among shareholders. The way in which i will make money from this is i will take 25% of the total after the 50 games have been played (for the less mathmatics of you here that means i have to have >$100 at the end of the challenge for you to make a profit on your share, I just claimed earlier that i will most likely get to $150 by game 30 so the money will be made back easy peasy. (PS i wont keep any % if i dont have more then $75 at end of challenge)

    This is more of a starter to prove that i can do this as i would like to move up to $2.50 and eventually $4.50 and offer the same stake to everyone at those levels.

    Please could people let me know if they would be interested and how many shares they would buy (at $0.75 each its not a huge risk at all) i understand that some people may not bother as it is such a small amount and even though the profit % will be big it will still only be around $1-$2 profit, My conclusion - Buy more then 1 share haha

    I am more the welcome to hear any suggestions/improvments that can be made.
    Last edited by Holdem500; Tue May 17, 2011, 02:55 AM.

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    Hey, I've seen u around the ko's cos i play them a fair bit myself and tbf u always seem to have a stack and uve took mine a few times (bastard :P). sounds like a gd idea for not much $$ which suits me cos im always skint . so yh ill probably but a few shares.



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