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ESPN WSOP Main Event Final

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  • ESPN WSOP Main Event Final

    These are the players that I could find from the PSO who are participating in this Sunday's ESPN WSOP Main Event Final at 8PM EST. The winner of this event gets an entry into the WSOP Main event, plus flight and hotel. Right now there are 727 entrants and qualifying has ended. However, while looking through the entrants for names from the PSO, I noticed, and have reported, a few suspicious names for multi-accounting, so we'll see if the number drops a few. In case you didn't know, the ESPN club is tied to pokerstars and most of us probably play on pokerstars' site and skins after we register for an event. (It's just cleaner, and you have some stuff on ps, like the replay button and your personal notes, that you don't get on the espn site.) If I've missed anyone, and you wish to let us know you're playing, please post. The absolute best of luck to everyone playing!!! umbup:umbup: 4EUROS2 4thefunofit2 A-gangerSSBN JWK24 Russell1078 RustyJonesNH !!!111Dan Thanks JW for making me take notice of this and bring it to the forum. umbup: It would be a sweeeeet moment for the PSO should one of these take it down. mileypoker:

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    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and how do I get in on that espn thingy????


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      Yeah. What Room said. Congrats, guys. Now I want in.


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        Last edited by !!!111Dan; Wed May 11, 2011, 01:16 AM. Reason: nm


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          no working, just takes me to the poker home


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            Sorry..don't know why it's unacceptable to provide the link to a pokerstars site.


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              Woo hoo dan Got his first Slap!!!


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                Wasn't my first...lest we forget the late great Puke Chick branding. Probably won't be my last. evil:


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                  How is it possible to win that kind of prize if you are an American player? Would love an explanation to that.


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                    Actually Johnny, all the players registered for this are from the US. My guess is that the ESPN club poker is based in the US....but I'm not sure. When I can get some more info, I'll provide it.
                    I'm looking for an appropriate link to it, but if you google espn poker club, you should get to it.
                    I don't know how, but it's tied to pokerstars, it runs freerolls, and they have clubs. (It resembles in their lobby.)
                    Like I said, you can even run your games through PS, once you're registered.
                    Sorry to have put up a bad link...when I get the info, I'll provide it, but if you see Billy or Mary, they can get you the info in vent.

                    Sorry for any confusion.....

                    NONE THE LESS..please encourage the PSO players in this event.
                    What a prize!


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                      I've been looking for a good link for it since that Fri too for a couple of people. I think they took it down.

                      I was playing the ESPN stuff way before I started on Stars (it's where I got my start online). The old servers were, I'm assuming, in CT... just like their other games ones.

                      The one now (and for the last year or so) is run by

                      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                        Let me know JW and I said, could probably be googled. That's where I got the link that I shouldn't have.
                        I just didn't save the one I used originally, but if Mary did, I'll check if it's ok, then post it.


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                          Here's a kinda related question, from a non-American. Does anyone know if/when Stars would be running satellites for WSOP events? I think that just about all of the smaller sites have already started.


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                            Originally posted by !!!111Dan View Post
                            Let me know JW and I said, could probably be googled. That's where I got the link that I shouldn't have.
                            I just didn't save the one I used originally, but if Mary did, I'll check if it's ok, then post it.

                            Hi Dan ,

                            I sent U all the Info for Espn's Poker Club on the Poker Stars. NET SKIN that U will Need . ESPN is RUN on PS.Net since Late last year . Anyone that wants to play there can still USE there Poker Stars Screen Name .... I played there for 5 1/2 years b4 coming to Play the PSO in August . So I agree with You . MOD's should Leave the LINK UP ...

                            ESPN Poker Club ON POKER STARS . NET

                            To Load Game Client Scroll down to the Blue Add Banner .. U can also Reg for Games on ESPN and Log out and RE Log In With YOUR Poker Stars & Your Game's will POP up on your POKER STARS Skin WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ...

                            Your PS play money is USED to play on ESPN Poker Club
                            Hugs and Good Luck .



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                              You're the best Mary. umbup:umbup:umbup: Thank you!! This link is player tested, mod approved.



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