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Scoop finishes

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  • Scoop finishes

    Please use this thread to post what tournament you played, where you finished, and if applicable, what your cash winnings were.

    Thank You!!
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    Originally posted by AlphaAero
    I think it would be so we can get all our info from one source and not have to sift thru multiple threads to see how everyone is doing.
    Why do you ask when the answer is pretty obvious?
    BTW, great idea , Eric.


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      Originally posted by hobojim11247 View Post
      Why do you ask when the answer is pretty obvious?
      This answer is also pretty obvious.

      +1, good idea Eric
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        What happened to the post between #1 and #2? My post was originally #3, now it is #2. I look forward to seeing how everyone does.umbup:


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          Originally posted by hobojim11247 View Post
          What happened to the post between #1 and #2? My post was originally #3, now it is #2.

          Looks like AA hand was mucked


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            Originally posted by brkn80 View Post
            Looks like AA hand was mucked


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              I'll start my results here. I'll edit the same post to include each result once I'm done.

              I was going to play event 1-L, but I got the start time wrong, so I did 2-L instead. I was seated across from chipstar1, a member of Team Pro. The guy immediately to my right was pretty loose and spewy, and rivered two pair against me once to take a large chunk of my stack, but I was eventually the one who took him out, and for more chips than I gave him. I was eventually setmined for 90% of my stack, and went out before the second break. All in all, I think I played better than I usually do, and it was a fun time.

              Event 2-L, 17319th place (no cash)

              A setmine, a quadmine, one bad read, and a coin-flip bust hand. Pretty awful run.

              Event 37-L, out in under an hour
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                PokerStars Tournament #2011050011, No Limit Hold'em
                Buy-In: $20.00/$2.00 USD
                19946 players
                Total Prize Pool: $398920.00 USD
                Tournament started 2011/05/08 10:00:00 ET

                Dear EasyChips4U,

                You finished the tournament in 1977th place. A USD 39.89 award has been credited to your Real Money account.
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                  This was my first big tournament, and I was worried about feeling like I was over my head, but was relieved to see most people just playing basic poker - nothing too fancy like you see on tv.

                  There was one player who seemed really advanced, like he ALWAYS had a hand, which an hour and a half in I started realizing was just him making us believe he always had a hand. And he had managed to grow the biggest stack too.

                  Kind of fun to try something outside of PSO - seemed as much (if not more) about endurance and stamina as it did about poker. I watched Langolier's video on how to prepare for the SCOOP tournament, so I was prepared for it to be long and stuff. But I didn't think I'd get bored quite so fast with the stacks being so big and the blinds being so low.

                  The SCOOP page was kind of intimdating, seeing all the entry fees and all the pro's signed up when you click on the tab. So I hope everybody knows about the qualifiers and how some of them are as little as a $1 (for the Sit and Gos, some tourneys no rebuys) - if you can win your way to a seat, it was kind of a fun thing to try out

                  PS Finished somewhere around Panicky in the same tourney - it's the only one I'm signed up for. I might see if I can qualify for the $10 NL Turbo coming up - there's a qualifier for a $1.


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                    PS I just checked the list of pros and there's a gazillion of them playing in SCOOP - there's a Swedish guy freaking out because he just got seated two to the right of Viktor Blom haha

                    The poker might be fun to check out too
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                      I am so phukkin jealous of all you that can play it makes me pissed off at my govt.. Good luck to all of you. Hopefully I can play next year. Goo luckumbup:umbup:umbup:


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                        PokerStars Tournament #2011050021, No Limit Hold'em
                        Buy-In: $20.00/$2.00 USD
                        25883 players
                        Total Prize Pool: $517660.00 USD
                        Tournament started 2011/05/08 12:00:00 MT [2011/05/08 14:00:00 ET]

                        Dear doobie818,

                        You finished the tournament in 1232nd place. A USD 93.17 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

                        One down, a few more to go. Good luck to everyone.
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                          nice job doob umbup:


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                              Well I will be very careful to be constructive in my statement here and not make a joke or "insult" Eric. I would not like to receive another infraction for doing so.

                              Eric did not come up with the original idea.

                              Eric will write an article that encompasses anyone that has a SCOOP ticket and their progress who wish to have it in the Weekly Roundup.

                              It is probably better to PM him with details and then he will advise what he needs you to do; I would say to probably update him with your result. I don't see him having the time to rail everyone.

                              However, it would be a good idea that anyone running deep in a SCOOP event should report it on a thread here as they progress. I am sure a lot of us would want to rail other members and provide moral support.

                              Read more: Ladies and Gentlemen..SCOOP..and more - PokerSchoolOnline Forum

                              I really believe credit should be given where it is due and to receive an infraction for pointing that out leaves me speechless TBH.

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