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positive EV when 3 betting

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  • positive EV when 3 betting

    I don't understand how you get EV when you 3 bet? Can somebody please explain, and give calculations as to how you come about it?

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    lol, nobody knows the math behind it. great.


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      Lets say you have QQ and 3-betting allin a person who has AK, with 1000 chips effective stacks in play also assume that 2 players other than you and villan posted 200 and 100 blinds.
      So your probability of winning is around 55% or as expressed in decimals its 0.55...Lets say that person calls 70% of the time and folds 30% of the time.
      Then your total EV "Expected Value" would be equal to :

      EV = (Probability Of Calling)x(EV of calling) + (Probability of folding) x(EV of folding).

      EV of Calling in this situation = (chips in play)x (probability of winning)
      = 2300 "1000 yours 1000 villians and 300 in blinds" x 0.55
      = 1265
      EV of Folding = (probability of winning)x (chips to win)
      = if he fold your probability of winning would be equal to 1 since no other players are in the pot x 300
      = 300

      Then total EV = ((0.7)(1265))+((0.3)(300)) = 885.5 + 90 = 975.5
      Therefore in this situation it would be better for you to fold..


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        k, but this doesn't explain how 3 betting makes a positive EV. You say that we 3 bet, but the pot is 300, so nobody has raised before us. It seems that you're just shoving preflop without any 3 bet being made before hand.


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          3betting is essentially a "re-raise".

          There must be a raise in front of the 3Bet in order to make that bet a 3bet.

          Example of how a 3bet can be +eV would be:

          1) Versus a player with entry standards and calling standards that are too loose, a 3Bet with a premium hand will get them to call more chips into a pot when they call with a lesser hand.

          2) Versus the same type of player, 3Betting with a hand which is NOT "premium", but which stands to be ahead of most of the open raiser's range, may tend to get you "isolated" on that weaker range. this tends to make marginally strong hands have higher expected value.

          3) Versus players who fold TOO MUCH (too tightly) after raising, a 3Bet may allow you to induce a fold by a stronger hand. (note: if done too often, this will tend to result in weaker calls by the tight player).

          Hope it helps.
          Double Bracelet Winner


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            Double Bracelet Winner



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