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Any advice for GOYL

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  • Any advice for GOYL

    hey guys

    am new here (and fairly new to poker) so please bear with me.

    been playing on/off online for about 8 months but only really been taking it seriously for the last 3 months or so.. havent really invested any money yet either (about $20 for some small MTTs) as im not really experienced enough yet although i am learning and these forums are a big help

    my question, or rather a request, is that i have managed to qualify (god knows how!!) for the GOYL final tomorrow from one of the freerolls, and i was wondering if you had any advice for me.

    its by far the biggest tourney ive qualified for and would really like to give it my best shot obviously. i know its going to be hard as im sure there will be a lot of good players there.

    i know what hands to keep and through away (i not an all in with 7 2 os kind of bloke lol) but i seem to lose patience when i havent had a hand in ages and when i do i dont hit etc. how do you guys keep motivated through long tourneys if your not hitting anything or getting any hands?

    i dont really know how to approach the tourney to give myself the best chance. i normally try to play quite tight at the start and wait for the all in idiots to go out, but have been caught with them at times when ive had AA on the first hand and busted out by someone with 9 10 or something.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated and i look forward to being more active here and hopefully seeing you in may's PSO league, whenever that starts up.

    thanks in advance
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    Hello and welcome to the PSO Pokegod185.

    Sounds like you got it right, patience and only play top rated hands. There are a lot of very good players and I'm sure thay will chime in shortly.

    So good luck in the tourney and we'll see you around the league.


    1st Mate


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      I'm in no way qualified to be giving advise other than watch/read as many of the lessons on here as you can in the time you have left. If you've done them do them again.

      As for staying on the ball and not drifting off, try playing two tables. I like to have a $0.25 45 or 90 running too. Stops me from hanging on every card in the big tourney and playing cards I should not when frustration sets in. Works for me.

      You did good in a big MTT to get the ticket, you can do it again.

      Good luck. Stay calm OOOOOMMMMMM


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        You know your biggest weakness - lack of PATIENCE. It is critical in a long tournament, or at any table. Lose your patience, lose your chips.

        Evelyn Ng had an interesting strategy for novice tourney players. It is a bit long for the short time you have but here are a few ideas:
        Play super tight - tighter than you do now (requires patience)
        Raise or Fold pre-flop - do not call (As a novice, you want as few opponents in the hand as possible after the flop, because the experienced players will outplay you.)
        Raise 5x Big Blind (BB) if you are first to bet.
        With one caller ahead of you - raise 7x BB.
        With two or more callers ahead of you - raise 9x BB.
        (See why she says to play only monster hands?)

        Good luck tomorrow.



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          I'm no expert on these tourneys, I played one final and got knocked out 2nd hand with KK.
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            thanks for advice. am getting some practice in beforehand lol think im gonna need it

            will let you know how i get on. if i win ill buy u all a drink lol


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              I have a similar problem, after longish stints of rubbish hands, once I get a hand, and flop anything I go think "bugger it" and shove, usually getting knocked out as a result of having the under pair or flush draw only. One thing I've started to do when I'm this impatient is putting my hands behind my back and shutting my eyes until it's my turn to act.

              Also, I'm also planning to play today's GOYL final, so I'll keep an eye out for you. Best of luck and here's hoping you do well.
              'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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                ty. ill give it my best shot. doesnt really mean much tho. if i get AA on first hand im still calling the all in's lol. they've gotta hold up sooner or later

                ill keep an eye out for you too. still dunno how i managed to get in it lol but if i can have some of the same luck maybe ill be ok

                does anyone know when the new league is starting?


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                  Whooo! Bit last minute, but i just won a ticket inthe freeroll. Full 15,000 starters. Can I be that lucky twice in one day?

                  I'll post how I'm doing at the breaks.

                  Might drag out the old GOYL thread.

                  Who else is in today?


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                    thats how i got in it as well but with just over 14000 peeps in it. not bad for a rookie lol. ill just be happy if i can make it to the first break lol. i hate it at the start of most tourneys with the all in folk. if you do have a hand is it worth calling a possibly busting out early or do you fold and hope to get more premium hands???
                    anyway it starts in like 20 mins so gl all


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                      Eyes down. See you on the FT guys


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                        Post Deleted
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                          Well there's an unexpected surprise. They have changed the structure from 15 minute levels to 10 minute levels. And extended registration changed from 20 minutes to 30 minutes. They have also changed the blinds structure from the previous two weeks. In other words Stars are trying to make it a shorter tournament. Not pleased.


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                            oh well lol. certainly didnt have the luck this time.
                            had my KK busted by AQ. took me to about 670 chips. then my A 10 got beat by K J when he hit his flush lol

                            if i could get the hand replayer thing to work id put the last hand in but it keeps coming up with an error message which ive heard other people getting with no fix as of yet.

                            never mind. will have to try and be lucky to qualify again lol. gl the rest of you who are in it
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                              Post Deleted
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