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How do you deal with crap hands/flops

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  • How do you deal with crap hands/flops

    Title explains itself, how do you cope with rubbish runs of bad cards, and when the good ones you get rubbish flops.

    My current run of cards pretty much running along the lines of crap hands and few good ones i get don't develop. At all. So advice welcome.
    'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'

  • #2
    Be patient.

    Keep making good decisions.

    Pay attention and pick your spots.


    • #3
      I get pretty close to being blinded off and shove any two cards if I cant make it 3 more hands.
      Pretty much how I deal with it.
      I may slow the table down as well to manipulate the blinds.
      Not much else you can do.


      • #4
        I kick the dog.

        The kids are getting to quik on their feet now a days and the wife kicks me back, so they're both out.

        Or I post them under Bad Beats (bad beat or not) and have a good whine. Which reminds me, I've got a ****load of whinning to post!

        ssuglia's advise has to be the way to go. If it's that bad It can only get better

        Now, where's that pooch hideing today.


        • #5
          The dogs dead. The wife and kids have left. Not before giving me a good kicking.

          Five straight minus points in the PSO league. I've never managed that before.

          Did have an AA, but that lost to a straight. T to A Just to rub it in. One KK but no action. Two AQs, but both lost. and that was about it. In five ****ing, ****ing, ****ing games!!!

          Was hopeing this would help. Get it off my chest. Doesn't seem to be working.

          Oh well, It's curtains for the hamster!



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