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when am i ready?

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  • when am i ready?

    A wide open question, is there a bench mark in the play money arena that indicates when i might be ready to play real money if it gets legal again?

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    There is no real correlation between real money and play money games..... play for cash when you feel ready... I started playing with fake money and made about 3 million chips, then PS gave me 2 bucks, which i rang up to about 20 then lost it all lol play money is just so full of people who could care less.... use it to work on things and play when you feel it umbup:


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      I started with Play Money as well...I think everyone does, but I had to...I never played the game before in my life before coming here and was absolutely terrified of going in for real cash. I went thru the courses and passed them...made about 2 million in play money and it took me about a month to be brave enough to make a $20 deposit and play for real money.

      I started out at the micro level at $0.01/o.o2 blinds and played extremely tight initially. Probably way to tight to be honest, but what can I say, I was nervous. We don't have a lot and yes...$20.00 wa a lot for me to deposit. However...I did sooner or later become more and more comfortable playing with real money. I think you will know better than anyone else if you're ready. Just keep in mind that the people at play money tables, as stated in the other post, really just don't give a damn. For them it's easy come, easy go. I played Play Money as tho it was real...I still do when i go back to those tables occassionally. Play Money is where I try out new thngs I've learned, etc.

      Just please remember...don't take in more than you can afford to lose. I fortunately have made much more now since that initial deposit...but thre were some very rough days and big losses along the way. Play your game...learn from others...and you'll make it...when you're ready to go to real money.

      Hope this in some helps...good luck...see you on the tables!!!




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        The OP seems to indicate that he can't play real money right now - bottom line line is that play money isn't the same as real money. It can be a kind of guideline, but you have to take it with a grain of salt.

        Read all the info in the forum, that will do you more good than all the practice in the world.

        Good luck!!
        Bracelet Winner


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          what a shame Americans cant play ,as for play money, i used to be quite the play money baron lol it was called 40k or fold .you had to bring 40k to the table then bet 40k or fold well i ended up with 15 million play chips lol anyway shank start small umbup: gl F.M.


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            when u r ready!!

            Shank the only benchmark there is, is when u have earned a lil money from PSO. I started playing here and quickly cashed a few good times and took my pennies to the micro sit n go's. I was doing REALLY well b4 we got shut down. i took 30 cents and rolled into a tidy lil bankroll, even won a sattelite seat to the $300,000 sunday storm, on BLACK FRIDAY. Just my luck! just play patient here in pso (if we ever get to), earn a few pennies and go to the micro sit n go's, if you can cash here, you can cash there!!!


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              us players pissed about the online real money poker band come join are free money club were we can vent discuss political and other options while playing go 2 homegame 2 join ID455042 INV.cvb876cvb come on lets figure out how to get this law changed


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                i started playing play money poker on fulltilt back in may 2007. the only experience i ever had against real opponents up to that point was the muliplayer yahoo holdem game. i had already read Play Poker Like the Pros by Phil Hellmuth b/c i wanted to study the game and start playing it "seriously." i joined Pokerstars in march of 2008, and played the freerolls. I continuted to supliment my play on ps with my play on ft, but really stayed focused on the ps games. playing play money poker is where i got my training to be knowledgeable, to have the confidence and know-how to play for real. i understood that it was filled with donkeys, but there are many styles that people use, and through experience i gradually learned how to play against each one. then, when i started playing at ps, even though it still wasn't real money, i felt like i had a good idea what everyone was doing, and so i could play my game more or less fearlessly.

                see, u have to get to a stage where u feel like u always have control over ur situtation. whether u win or lose, u have to constantly review in ur head what went well and what didn't. it's agonizing at times, but it's what makes u a better player. i treated my play money chips like it was real money b/c i had a lot of pride on the line. if u feel this way, i think ur ready to play real money. ps had the best freerolls on the web, and it's a shame that other us players who are developing their games can't get a glimpse of these to continue to develop like i did. anyway, play money is a good way to learn and develop stategies and ur own personal style of playing that can be useful in real money.



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