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Technical Solutions for Cash Out???

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  • Technical Solutions for Cash Out???

    I would really hope that someone here has gotten an answer from support about this and what is being done for getting paid. I have no idea what this "technical solution" jibberish is about either. I figure that it can't be too complicated to pay people any which way. They have the DOJ seal of approval and should be able to take that and write checks, wire money or do whatever.
    Whenever I see the login announcement it makes me think they just told me that it's only going to hurt a little bit and that they are only going to put the head in.

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    Annunaki it will take a lot of work to make all the pay outs but more then the work we are talking about a very large $ amount for the U.S. players we must be around 1/2 of there total they have that kind of cash on hand? can they take a hit like this and keep the doors open?sure the feds said pay us.but can they?if i were a EU player i would not feel very safe about my money right now............ if i was an EU CA player i would be cashing out and only keep a small bals in my account.i suspect that they are doing this now witch makes it even harder for them to pay the U.S players.the main reason for all this is due to the top 3 sites set up fake accounts so that the banks would not know that the money was going to on-line poker and all the big dogs at these sites knew it.and we as players knew it to back in dec when we could not deposit that's when they set things up to fool the banks and shortly after we could deposit that is till black Friday.there are sites in the U.S that we can play real money and these sites will get bigger and better as time gos on i do miss stars it was the best.yes as players we were guilty to but the feds wont come for us its just like the drug dealers give the guy on the street a pass and take down the big dog.


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      cash out is now available


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        you have to cash out everything. cant leave anything. just cashed out a couple minutes ago.


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          Over a year ago I withdrew a small amount and when I got the check the envelope came hand written, with a stamp, post marked from some random place in Canada. The company processing the check was from California... It was very strange, and if I didn't only have a small bankroll I probably would have been worried. I hear some people kept a huge amount of their total money on Pokerstars. I can understand some of the reasons why, but you would think they would have been more careful with wierd stuff like this happening with cashouts lol.

          Oh yeah and there was another cashout I made before that which failed because the bank or processor or whoever had their assets frozen by the federal government LOL. Again, if I had a bigger bankroll at the time this probably should have been a red flag!!!

          Still though, black friday came as a huge shock to me just like everyone else. I always figured Pokerstars was jumping through some legal loopholes is all... and honestly I still think that is all they were doing. Will be interesting how things end up with all this.



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