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  • UTG A5s

    Late in real $$$$ NLHE tourney. A5s. 8 people at my table. Blinds are $300/$600, I have $2000 left. 10 hands.

    Do you go all in here?


  • #2
    sure, why not? you either gamble with an ace, or risk getting blinded out, just depends on what you are comfortable with. at least that is my opinion......

    jmuzzey lsogc


    • #3
      And that's a seriously short stack I'd guess? Any chance you could survive to the money places?

      I would probably get allin here, but that isn't necessarily much of a recommendation for the play :wink:

      It's really just an A with some backdoor chances, but all-in from a short stack in very early position seems to convince a lot of people that the hand is at least 2 big cards or some kind of pp deciding to make a stand. It might earn you the blinds, it might stand up, it might find some help. In any event it's better to go down swinging than getting blinded away to the point where a group of players can 'gang up' and dry pot you. In that sense you don't have "10 hands" left, as the upcoming blinds are about to reduce you to piteousness. imho.




      • #4
        I like the all-in option unless you are in position to make a ladder move or two in the immediate future. If no one is chip trouble with the next set of blinds then it's either all-in or muck. That will be dictated by the action at the table during the play of the previous hands.

        There are too many indicators that influence a decision in this type of situation! For instance do you want two callers with this hand? If the preceding five hands have (for some ungodly reason) been multi-way pots then maybe all-in here is not such a great idea. If a flop has not been seen in the last six hands...well then it might be time to go all-in with 72o.



        • #5
          ALL-IN! ALL-IN! the guava nectar has been spilled...


          • #6
            All-in or fold are the only reasonable choices. I would lean towards all in unless there was a shorter stack and I was close to the $$$. You might steal the blinds with pot bet (assuming there was no antes). However, changes are a good size stack in late position or blind will call or go all-in to isolate you heads-up. UTG steal play has become popular since DK's tournament book came out so many solid players will call with above avg. hands in late position and good stack sizes. The upside of this development that an AA or KK all-in from early position when short or averaged stack with some convincing reverse tells against a solid line-up might be "misinterpreted" as a steal and different type of trapping play has developed.



            • #7
              Allin or not? It depends, but probably.

              Try to survive into the money being the correct attitude? It depends on how the table is playing, and on the stacks. Mainly your chances of getting to the big money if you take an aggressive chip building stance rather than survival stance.


              • #8
                I went all in here. Just wanted to know. When I am running bad (which I am now) I tend to doubt my judgement too much.



                PS No ladder moves. Still need 7 or 8 to go out of tourney to get in the money



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