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Playing against maniacs

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  • Playing against maniacs

    I have over time read a lot about how you face off against the 'maniac' who is likly to call or shove with almost any two cards. We've all seen it and all been up against it and most of the adivce I've read is good and personaly I can deal with it if there is one or maybe even two of these palyers at my table but what I often see is that some players also begin to loosen up against these players and start to make the same bad plays as the origanal player and when they too start to hit lucky others seem to join the fold and very soon you find yourself shot stacked on a table full of maniacs and this is where I start to have problems and combine that with the now common practice of when you see real good plays they often get critisised and knocked by these same idiots(for want of a better word) who have got lucky with there poor calls it just makes me want to pack it all in and call it a night.

    There are times that it really does feel like bad play is rewarded and good play is deemed foolish at best.

    I do not put myself in the good player bracket I'm ok but still have a lot to learn but when you consistantly see these bad plays pay off if makes me feel like joining them. Yes I know in the long run for an individual player it is not profitable to keep making these longshot plays but when you are up against 4/5 at the same table and you see the same bad moves over and over and to see them pay off time and time again it does make you question every bit of advice you have ever seen. AKs = bad Q4o = good.

    Any way back to my question how do you play against multiple maniacs at the same table. I will call almost any one or maybe two pre-flop all-ins from maniacs with my AKs but againts four in the same hand I'm folding everything but AA or KK. On a table full of maiacs what is a good calling hand or when you do finally have a premium hand do just shove all-in hope it's good enough as you know that if you so much as blink you will be forced into an all-in situation before the showdown
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    Two unsuited unpaired cards are only ~60:40 against two smaller live cards so you still have to pick your spots carefully. When your against multiple maniacs you must be very very selective. Against 4 random hands AA wins only ~56% of the time.


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      Since I'm relegated to the play money sng, I'm seeing this a lot. My usual thinking is that if the action is pre flop, I want one of the top three hands, (AA - KK - QQ), anything else is folded. I'll go group one if the action is against one or two players, but best to fold and wait. I would rather nibble at these crazies in later hands than joining the feeding frenzy.

      As to the trash winning, I'm seeing it too. It drives me crazy. I know the "good poker book" will say patience, but I'm feeling a lot like that vulture. (Patience, he-ll, I'm going out and kill something.)


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        If you are waiting on AA,KK or QQ you will not survive in these games. You need to pick a somewhat wider range but still relatively tight. Regardless of what hands you play, you are not going to win every time or lose every time. Versus 1, 2 or 3 players you have a good price to play wider than 1.4% range (QQ+). If you are waiting on 1.4% range you are going to be blinding out of your stack waiting on the maniacs to go away.

        You might be the lucky player that gets (QQ+) frequently, but you are bucking the norm if you are waiting that long.

        Poker Stove Hero 7.2% range versus 3 random hands.

        equity win
        Hand 0: 38.443% { 99+, ATs+, KJs+, AJo+ }
        Hand 1: 15.331% { random }
        Hand 2: 22.653% { random }
        Hand 3: 23.573% { random }

        Poker Stove Hero 3% range versus 3 random hands:

        equity win
        Hero 0: 40.317% { 99+, AKs }
        Hand 1: 14.800% { random }
        Hand 2: 22.359% { random }
        Hand 3: 22.524% { random }

        Poker Stove Hero 1.4% Range versus 3 random hands

        equity win
        Hand 0: 56.608% { QQ+ }
        Hand 1: 10.764% { random }
        Hand 2: 15.754% { random }
        Hand 3: 16.874% { random }



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