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bubbe phase with 100bb

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  • bubbe phase with 100bb

    Consider this situation: You're at the bubble you have 100bb, should you play loose and raise a lot of the time in attempting to steal the blinds, or just sit back, relax and save your chips for the later part of the tournament when the blinds are higher? Or should you find some middle ground, for instance, just pound on the weak and medium to small chipstack players?

    What do would you consider doing? I would also like to know how you play at the bubble phase of the tournament?

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    Originally posted by andrei17731 View Post
    just pound on the weak and medium to small chipstack players?
    I think that pounding on short players is a popular strategy. Short stacks will often fold just about everything to maintain their tournament lives long enough to make the money. Figure out who the tight players are, raise their blinds, and don't get tangled up in a big chipspew if you get action and happened to be raising with a less-than-value hand.

    That's advice coming from a cash game player though. My tournament game is a bit weak, so make sure you get a second opinion before taking my advice.


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      It's all relitive to all the other chipstacks yes 100BB is a lot but if the average is 300 you risk coming unstuck.
      Basic advice don't go up against a stack that would cripple your chances unless you honestly think you can win. Personaly I wouldn't face off against a player with more than 25% of my stack and my reason for this is that even if I lose he(she) will still have less than me but I'm a bit of a tight player so what do I know


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        i would be playing a fairly lag stratagy against some of the more passive players and the shortstacks at the table and isolateing weeker areas of the table but also playing tag towards the stonger areas of the table if you have some lag shortstacks i wouldnt mind putting them all in with hands such as 910s + j 10 + q9+ k9+ and a7+ and any pair


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          I'll play alot looser... BUT.... I'm not putting all my chips in unless I know I have the best hand. I'll take chances for 1/2 stack or less.. but no more, unless I know I've got the best hand.

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