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  • PSO COULD Change SKILL League

    We are all here because we enjoy the competition for Points associated with the
    Monthly SKILL League. We are certainly not worries about the few Cents that the
    tenacious players receive "In The Money".

    We are VERY distressed, not to be able to continue to participate in the "League".

    If the "Skill League" were changed to eliminate the $10.00 REAL Money Prize, we could continue to play. The Intellipoker League could continue as is; because most non-USA players would be eligible to play in that, for the Cash Prizes/Seats. The monthly Leaderboard $$$; for the "Skill League" could be kept as separate "Fantasy Dollars".

    I believe this BAN WILL be lifted! & we will be able to put this affront to Freedom; behind us and become a whole Poker Family again; in the not too distant future.

    IF & WHEN, that happens; those "Fantasy Dollars" might be able to contribute to our poker fantasies. Until then, they can still stand as a symbol for whatever Poker excellence each of us may obtain.
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    Yes they could change it

    As an American player I agree, I just want to play and learn, I have enjoyed playing in the league, I really miss the league, can only take so much of the play money games lol, which I have been playing just to play.

    After all isnt that what the league is about, a school that helps us get our game on?? The players who can play the real money games wouldnt be missing a thing if PSO went without the few dollars it pays out, minus the leaderboard payouts which are awesome but maybe a formula could be devised to make it worth everyones time. Actually I think if PSO went without the money less folks would play it as a freeroll because the 10.00 wouldnt be there. Just a points system for bragging rights could be an option.

    Surely those who can play it with money are missing us too

    thats my 2 cents!


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      I think this is a good idea afrer all how hard can it be to swiitch from real money to 'play money'
      For real money players there are plenty of other freerolls but there is only one PSO.

      Idea to throw in the mix would be to host two leagues a 'Play money' league and a real money league (as an example lets say for 2c buy-in)


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        Monthly points for skill league

        As it seems obvious that US players cannot compete at this time, they should be removed from the points standing for this month and another different ranking league be maintained for them so should this situation be resolved, they can claim some benefit. The rest of us then could continue the fight for top spot and to see our progress in the rankings for April.

        hopefully those US players currently ranked in the money for month end could still obtain their benefits in some way at the end of the month as a different league.

        All other players would rejoice at being able to compete and see their progress. As it stands, all the fun of competing in a league each month has disappeared without being able to see our progress.


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          New League for US players/non money

          I really miss the challenge of improving my skills in a monthly disaplined format like the league.I hope PSO will create a league that US players can access for next month.


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            new league for us player

            i think they should game taht us player from the us can play and get points. i like plaing in the pos .


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              PSO COULD Change SKILL League

              i know its bad for usa players, but what about us that can still play, why are we been punished by ps cancelling or not updating league. as has already been said its done now so remove usa players from league for this month and next and see what happens.
              im not been harsh but if it has been cancelled or what why are the games still been put on.


              • #8
                why should we

                Why should we change to play money just for you lot, sure you would not if other way round, you yanks want every thing your own way,


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                  Sorry but stop crying over it, why should we stop for you, what planet you on, what is this poker usa only


                  • #10

                    Dont talk rubbish they are out so thats that, they would not worry if other way round, they think they rule the world, far from it,


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                      Is this for real pso no longer ? That cant be right and why not let us know the score. They need to think of the players who they still have not the ones who are banned i for one wont be happy if we are to be punished for what usa gov doj foolsumbup:


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                        stop moaning


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                          Originally posted by BillyClaridg View Post
                          stop moaning

                          GET OVER YOURSELF BILLY

                          GO LAKERS

                          sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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                            Originally posted by hemetdennis View Post
                            GET OVER YOURSELF BILLY:


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                              Originally posted by webo3000 View Post
                              Is this for real pso no longer ? That cant be right and why not let us know the score. They need to think of the players who they still have not the ones who are banned i for one wont be happy if we are to be punished for what usa gov doj foolsumbup:
                              Look at the PSO Home page. PSO Skill league continues without US players



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