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the tides

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  • the tides

    some say there is no luck. I think there is. some call it variance

    well, I really varianced out yesterday. when down to about 1,200
    and on the button with 7,4 offsuit, I decided to bluff. generally I never bluff with rags like that, I would rather have a small pair or two cards which can make a straight or a flush. why then bluff with rags now? my position had something to do with it--all of the other players, except for the two blinds, had acted, and there had been no raise. but the main reason, is that my antes and blinds would take all my chips in less that two rounds--and the chances that a bluff would work were no worse that the chances of getting a good hand
    before I was broke

    anyway, back to the good variance I had. I knew that my variance had changed when lady variance put both a 7 and a 4 on the flop. but, when the turn card made my two pair (which I flopped) into a full house, I knew then that the tide had turned.

    I believe in luck
    I believe that it is like the tide
    It comes in
    It goes out

    But it allways changes
    It may be high tide
    It may be low tide

    by the way, that tide of luck carried the 1,200 to about 30,000 before it abruptly went out,when my pocket kings were swept away bythe set made by pocket eights

    It comes in
    It goes out

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    I can't wait to read Geezer's reply to this one!

    muck it


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      thats not luck its just plain poker

      i remember last week i am in sb with 23o and Noodles in bb with 44 i go all in noodles folds i win a round of blinds uncontested and go on to win the event.

      poker is about knowing when to raise to make a larger pot when to raise to steal a pot or when to raise to win a pot with the best hand because your chip postion is one where you dont want to get players drawing on you.

      you call it luck i call it knowlegde of the table geezer calls it varaince



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