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Exploiting Preflop 3Betting Ranges

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  • Exploiting Preflop 3Betting Ranges

    Here's a discussion topic. I'm going to give four profiles of players, but I'm only going to give their preflop 3betting tendencies. These are 3betting profiles I've read about or run across, so I'm just putting them up to show how I read players' 3bet stats. I feel like 3bet habits should be exploitable, but I can't think of any logical connection between 3bets stats and an exploitation method. Let's generate some discussion and maybe learn a few things.

    Profile #1) The Pure Value 3Bettor
    This type of player only ever 3bets with strong hands preflop. He will raise with hands like KK and AK, but never AJ, 99, or 23s.

    Profile #2) The Polarized 3Bettor
    This guy likes to be aggressive and put pressure on his opponents. He 3bets the same hands as the pure value guy, and maybe a few more strong hands like JJ, but he also throws in much weaker hands like 24s and 56o so people don't get in the habit of folding every time he raises.

    Profile #3) The Wide 3Bettor
    This guy also likes to be aggressive. He thinks that every decent hand is worth a raise, so he'll 3bet the same hands as the pure value guy, but he'll do the same with lower pairs, more high card combos, and some suited connectors. He doesn't raise with the weaker hands like the polarized 3bettor.

    Profile #4) The Maniac
    Why call when you can raise? This guy folds like a calling station, but he's more like a raising station. Maybe he just likes playing with the bet slider. Who knows.

    I came up with this question yesterday when I looked at the 3bet stats for everyone at my table and noticed that after an hour of play, they were all sitting at 0 (including mine). The rest of the stats, like VPIP and Fold to Steal were varied, which is why I just brought up this one stat. Maybe in conjunction with another specific stat, I can get some good reads on where other players might be leaking chips, so if anyone has some good ideas on how I can read preflop 3bet percentages, I'd love to hear them.

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