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Hope and Change for real this time

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  • Hope and Change for real this time

    I like many of you out there are thouroghly disgusted with the cesspool of special interests that our government has become. While the founders of this great country succeeded in laying the foundations for liberty and justice for all, the criminals and oligarchs have succeeded in figuring out how to game the system to get their way again at every one elses expense.

    For this reason I say it is time to change our form of Government. Its time to replace the structure folks and not just the people who are able to game it.

    To this end I propose that we "Americans" start a Constitutional Convention and make some wholesale changes to the way our Government does business. By we Americans I mean we the Citizens of this great country, not congress or the president or the supreme court (they are all corrupt institutions serviced by self licking lolipops)

    I have some ideas and I hope that any interested American join me in developing a "WORKABLE" alternative to get us back to being the envy of the world for our abilty to govern ourselves intelligently.

    I say it is time to abolish the federal government (and probably the current state government structures as well since they too are in the hands of special interests) as it is now constituted and start over.

    Any and all ideas are welcome as this is a clean slate from the ground up attempt to fix the problem before it kills us.

    The founding fathers knew that concentrated power was a bad idea that would ultimately lead to despotism at some point (Like now) so they created checks and balances to prevent it.

    So how do we start

    Do we still need a president?
    What does this institution bring to the table that we cannot do without.
    Somehow we must all be represented without prejudice to the special interests or mob mentality that will lead us to ruin.
    Justice System?
    Right now there is no justice in this country unless you have the money to buy it. This must change. All people should be represented equally before the law and given the same chances for exhoneration from guilt. To this end I say that all lawyers become wards of the state if they wish to pursue the lofty endeavor of practicing law and applying Jurisprudence.

    This is just a start and there will be a lot of work to do before it is presentable. Feel free to add your comments or ideas here or pm me and I will give you contact details if you wish to risk it all with me and try to make a real difference.

    God Bless the new America
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    First reccomendation for the new constitution

    All laws passed must survive on their own merit. No more amending legislation to enact laws that would never have a chance of passage on their own.


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      A thought on the Presidency

      In the interest of segregating power further and isolating the function from collusion and manipulation what do you think of replacing the president with a Board of Governors. Each states elected Governor would sit on the board and execute the executive function at the federal level. The Lt Governor from each state would assume the powers of current sitting governors and be first in succesion for the board
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        How interesting

        My computer seems to have picked up a particularly nasty bug after this post.


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          Are black helicopters constantly flying over your residence?


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            Crackr I agree wholeheartedly that the system needs fixing but in my opinion you're bending yourself into a pretzel trying to fix what's become the result of the problem instead of the real problem itself.

            Therefore here is my fix for what currently ails our Government,has for a while now and is getting worse every election cycle,indeed every day.

            TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!!!!!!!!!


            Step 1: Reverse the Supreme Courts asinine,over-reaching decision on the Citizens United case. A terrible blow against the concept of 1 person,1 vote that I'm afraid we've only seen the tip of the iceberg on.

            Step 2. Each election cycle put a cap on how much money each party can raise for national,state and local elections. A HARD cap. No wriggle room. No parameters on WHERE they raise the money,only on how much. Say the Cap for Federal elections (President,Senator and Representative) is $100 Million for example. If one party wants to spend the entirety of their War Chest on the Presidential election then they'll have to take their lumps elsewhere.

            Step 3. ALL donations,and amounts,must be made PUBLIC. Yours,mine,everyones. If the Koch brothers want to give X amount of dollars to their favorite GOP candidates they have to declare who got what. Same for George Soros,for example, for the Democrats. And the candidates must disclose where their donations came from as well.

            Keep in mind with Steps 1 and 2 that once the X number is reached,then all donations end. If the GOP were to see 90% of it's money raised by donations from the Koch's and their ilk then so be it. If all that money was only dumped into 5 races,then so be it. It would be incumbent on them to decide if that's how they want the money to be distributed.Same with the Dems,if they want to collect 90% of their donations through unions,for example,then that's on them. As is how they distribute their funds.

            This way the influence that the special interests have will be lessened,and if either party,or both,STILL want to take the lion's share of their money from a chosen few,instead of many,despite Caps on fund-raising being in place,then we'll know it. And can then hold them suitably accountable.

            Right now the bucks drive the ballots,and many (too many) in this country are duped into voting against their own best interests by the obscene amount of money that is thrown around to cloud and muddy every issue.Money buys media access first and foremost,and if you don't believe that media access is all-powerful,then someone explain how a huckster with what appears to be a dead possum on his head can be the leader in many polls for President in one party by running on the issue that the current President IS NOT an American citizen.

            I think if we begin to limit the amount of money in our campaigns and elections to sane levels,then the access that the Special Interests have that we,the regular John Q. Public's don't have,will be balanced out again. Who the Government is answerable to in this country must be restored to WE THE PEOPLE again. Otherwise any changes to the actual structure and functionality of the Government will only be cosmetic,just a different group of people whoring themselves out to Wall Street than we have now.

            What's happened to the Government in this country the last 30 years is a crime. And like most other crimes it's relatively easy to find the culprit(s).

            Just follow the money.


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              Originally posted by autodafe20 View Post
              Are black helicopters constantly flying over your residence?
              You got that problem too?I thought it was the coke.


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                They used to, many moons ago


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                  No black helicopters yet ;O)


                  I agree that special interest money drives the system and removing it from the equation would be beneficial but I don't think its the ultimate answer, since the government is its own special interest and won't do anything to reform itself IMHO. The founders gave us the ability to peacefully change our system of government any time it becomes unworkable and I believe we have reached a point in our history where our government in its current form does not work for the people.

                  BTW Pretzel Yoga is my favorite excersise lol

                  Dirty Cookies,
                  I dont drink soda so I am safe on that one lol
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                    Your Government, not our government.


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                      Originally posted by AlphaAero View Post

                      Your Government, not our government.
                      Alpha you are correct, but please feel free to provide any ideas that you think could improve it. You are intelligent and articulate and I am sure you have some ideas on the subject.


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                        When I have nothing constructive to say, or feel that my opinion would only offend people, I am learning to not say anything at all.



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