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Confidence & Patience

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  • Confidence & Patience

    I did pretty well in 3 out of my first 4 PSO Skills Tourneys, then did crappy in the next three - two of those were squarely my fault - one was bad luck. Not great in confidence building.

    However, I've kept playing my micro stakes SnGs, and I noted a significant improvement in my performance, finishing in the money, which I had not done for quite a long time.

    This week a couple of interesting events occurred.

    1) In a regular SnG, I got severely crippled when my full house (44488) got beat by a better full house (88844), which was unexpected to me. I was down to 321 chips and just a few hands from going out. But, I took a few deep breaths, and patiently waited for a few decent hands, and position, and then shoved. I doubled-up. Then, I did it again. And, again, and soon I was right back in the thick of things. Solid hands/position. I finished 4th, but I was happy with the experience of battling back, nonetheless.

    2) I decided I wanted to play in a Fifty50, just to get the experience. I was doing okay, when I misplayed a flopped straight and allowed an opponent to river a flush on runner, runner. My bad, and I was punished for it by losing down to 229 chips. Remembering the previous game, I took my deep breaths, and proceeded to battle back into contention by playing solid hands and my position, and this time I finished 4th, which is in the money for a Fifty50.

    3) Those two events came in handy during last evening's PSO Skills Tourney, when I got NO cards. My best cards through the first break were AQ of hearts. Through the second break was no better, though I did get AA, on which I doubled up and kept enough chips to stay in the tourney for a while longer. I ground it out, using position as best I could and finally finished 150th (out of 1571), which was in the paying positions.

    What I learned: 1) Patience is a key factor in poker success. It's easy to get frustrated and let the setbacks get to you. But, you WILL go out if you do that; 2) Position works. Auto-shoves out of position don't have the same value as shoving from the button or cut-off positions. They just don't; 3) Winning the blinds may not be as exciting as doubling up, but those chips do add to your chip stack, which, if you are low, is very important.

    My satisfaction level is keen as a result of these experiences. I have a much stronger understanding of the game dynamics than I have had in years, which was my problem as I returned to the game after a several year absence. I am not back where I want to be, yet; but, I can see the improvement each day. Playing these tourneys has been key to that growth.

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