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    So I am starting to become interested in possibly using poker tracking software to just track my hand and my opponents hands (how many hands they play, see flops, etc) and I had a few questions:

    I know some software is considered "illegal" to use so I wanted to get everyone's opinions on what software you use and what it does.

    If there is a software that maybe :
    gives percentage of hands play
    maybe what range of hands they tend to raise preflop (not sure if software can track that/if its legal)
    what hands I get how often, how often big hands get busted, etc.

    So ya I dont know much about poker software but if anyone could give me advice on what you use and if its free I'd appreciate it.


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    Originally posted by guitaplaya69 View Post
    maybe what range of hands they tend to raise preflop (not sure if software can track that/if its legal)
    This I haven't seen before. Doesn't sound illegal if the software would only track hands shown. The rest is all available in most software tracking packages, though. I just started using Hold'em Manager. It does all the other things. Pretty useful.


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      Either Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker 3 will show VPIP (voluntary put $ in pot) and PFR (pre-flop raise) percentages (in addition to other statistics) for every hand you have played against a villian. Add that to your notes and you can estimate pre-flop ranges adequately.


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        Here is a list of software that is banned and usable on pokerstars.


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          ok sweet thanks for the advice and thanks cookie for the list,

          il look into holdem manager ive heard a lot of people use it was just wondering what others use


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            Based on the talk on our forums, Tournament Indicator is not one of the better known programs. Its biggest drawback is a scant 48-hour free review period. For those unfamiliar with these programs, that isn't much time.

            I uploaded the program Saturday evening after my PSO games. The upload went perfect. Getting the settings established proved very easy. Then I tested it by playing one of the sng play money games.

            Sunday I played the 50/50 games as a test of the program. The graphics are great. The operation of the program, not so great. My first problem, sizing the game on the computer screen. Regardless of the setting, it would upload across the center of the table. Once I shrunk the program to the right size, it attached to the bottom.

            Most times, the program worked as advertised. Unfortunately, it missed too many hands. Whenever the computer switched me to a different table, the program lagged two or three hands. Sometimes I had to manually enter my hole cards.

            Multiple games proved to be another difficulty for this program. Resizing proved to be a real pain in the butt since you had to do this before the new game started. I learned the more games open, the more dropped hands from its scan. The mini-view kept disappearing whenever the table required action, which required a second keystroke or a change to the full view.

            Information display is excellent. The default colors proved easy to read and find. Anytime I wanted a full report, the display opened like a charm, though I sometimes had problems getting it to close. It is a virtual goldmine of data regarding you, the current hand, and your opponents.

            I found the limited time a drawback. There is too much to comprehend in just a two-day trial. If you are considering this program, review it last. By then, you'll understand the data offered, and can make a reasonable decision regarding its qualities.

            So what did I learn? My play is tight and aggressive, something I alread suspected. My showdown numbers kept bouncing between solid and overplay, which means I must be on the virtual line. I also learned most of my hands, 75%, were classified as groups eight or nine. That sure explains my meager winning percentages.

            The biggest surprise? I discovered how successful those players classified as "calling stations," "loose," and "gamblers" are in poker. When it got down to the bubble, or upper 30% in PSO, these players not only had the most chips, but the heaviest representation. This included freerolls, play money games, cash tournaments, and the PSO. It sure rocks your confidence in a tight and patient play.

            Maybe others will add their comments and/or evaluations of the tracker software they use or tried out for the duration of the free trial period.



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