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  • iuiui

    Today while visiting my elderly aunt Mabel I rang a mate of mine and told him about my Bad Beat.
    While on the phone I noticed my aunt staring at me with her mouth wide open, so I said "are you alright auntie Mabel".....before she could answer, the front door opened and her elderly friend Doris
    came into the house, my aunt took Doris straight into the kitchen and this is a transcript of their conversation.
    Mabel...our Alfs got a new girlfriend, her names Anna Kournikova.
    Doris...ooooooooo tell me more
    Mabel...he treats her like a piece if meat.
    Doris...these youngsters have no respect for women.
    Mabel...he said he was holding her in a great position, raised up with her, then he went all-in.
    Doris...I always thought Alf was a nice man?
    Doris...where did this happen.
    Mabel... It must have been outdoors somewhere because he raised up after he saw a rainbow.
    Doris...he must be on the Wacky Baccy again.
    Doris...was anyone else with him.
    Mabel...your not going to beleive this there was a small blind man with Ducks in his pocket.
    Mabel...yes DUCKS, and ALF said he didnt know he had Ducks in his pocket.
    Doris...maybe they were little baby ducks.
    Mabel...there was also a big blind man who had two painted ladies with him.
    Mabel...and their was also a DONKEY
    Doris...disguisting, Im feeling numb all over.
    Mabel...I heard Alf saying the big blind man threw the ladies in the MUCK.
    Doris...the poor girls, their clothes must have been ruined.
    Mabel...when the rainbow came the little blind man hit another Duck.
    Doris...nasty man, I will phone the RSPCA, cruelty to animals should not be tolerated.
    Mabel...did you know that Alf got a boat.
    Doris...A BOAT, are you sure Mabel.
    Mabel...Yes, he said when he got the boat he went all-in with Anna Kournikova.
    Doris...ooooooo anyone see him and Anna going all-in.
    Mabel... Maybe, he said there were a couple of people fishing
    Mabel...but he waited until the turn before they did it
    Doris...AAAHHH, there was a bend in the river, maybe no-one saw him then.
    Mabel...poor Anna
    Doris...why? what else happened ?
    Mabel...the small blind man hit another duck on the river.
    Doris...hit another duck?
    Doris...whats wrong with him going around hitting ducks, he got nothing better to do ?
    Mabel...I know Alf was very upset at him hitting another duck
    Doris...why, what did Alf do?
    Mabel...he was so upset that he threw Anna in the muck
    Doris....why take it out on Anna? she never hit any ducks
    Doris...lets hope she dumps Alf and finds a man who will treat her better.
    Mabel...maybe he should stick to casinos, never got into trouble there.
    Mabel...another cup of tea Doris
    Doris...yes please...two sugars and one milk.
    Last edited by Alfranco; Mon Apr 11, 2011, 03:46 PM.

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    lol funnyumbup:


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      lmao, when my mates and i start speaking about poker and family or friends that don't have a clue about poker are there we get some strange looks as if we are speaking another language. it's hilarious.
      thanks, made me smile.
      Last edited by Murdoch25; Mon Apr 11, 2011, 07:50 PM. Reason: missed a word


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        Thx Alf


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          Glad you liked it....could have the makings of a Python



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