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In A Quandry

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  • In A Quandry

    I wonder if anyone can help me through this, because I don't have any answers other than just to keep playing and hope it changes.

    Too often Im getting absolutely nothing worth playing within the first 2, 3, or even 4 levels, while I notice everyone else around me is always turning over nice big hands. Whenever I do get something worth playing, theres such aggressive play before me that I'm forced to muck it (I commonly get AJ in these kinds of spots).

    My stack drops and I'm left to watch the whole table exchanging chips to one another, waiting for my chance. I finally get it to be called and watch them hit the cards they need with lesser hands. For example, I have just been donked out of a GOYL 10FPP game with QJ called pre-flop by an incredibly loose player with 97o, flopping a straight.

    I know to play tight during the opening, but I regularly only get a chance to play 7-10% of any hands Im dealt. If I dont get the right hands, then how am I expected to play? You would say pick spots, but if those spots don't arise, or you know everyone will just call everything what else can you do?

    Surely there's something I can do, rather than sit here and get really angry about it? Im getting more and more annoyed that I can't utilise everything Im trying to learn, and it does very much seem that my luck when I need it is not balanced.

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    I thought I would try to back this up with some stats, rather than it be a crying session so here we are :

    In the 10 sessions I've had so far in April, 14% of my hands within the first 3 levels have been AA-22, AK-A9, KQ, KJ, QJ, JT. 31% of these (but only 4% total) equate to premium hands. I have received AA and QQ once, and not seen KK or JJ at all.

    Obviously, I did not play every single hand worth playing due to position, aggression and other factors. 59% of the 14% suitable hands were played (including calls and BB checks), and this represents only 8% of all hands dealt to me.

    Do I have reason to consider myself unlucky, or should I really be doing more to succeed?


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      You need not worry too much at this point,,,,You're stats are very similar to mine and I know what you must be feeling.
      This is the part of my game that needs the most attention - Patience

      When you wait and wait to play a hand, finally get that hand UTG - QQ - decide to play it, and then kiss off your preflop raise ( by the book ) because 3 others are in the hand with you and there are overcards on the flop, you evaluate, it's either check or fold those QQs and your gut is tighting up. It sucks, however it's the right play.
      What's gonna happen if you let the QQ dictate your actions,,,the QQs are saying to you " WE rule, WE are premium and nothing can defeat us,,,,Play us, we'll take care of you" ----NOT.

      It's like a litle demon on one shoulder whispering in your ear "do it,,,go on and do it"
      And and angel on the other shoulder saying "Don't do it"
      And the demon then says "DO IT,,,,,,DO IT"

      lol,,,what a quandry, you are not alone. This thread should have been titled "Angels and Demons"

      Last edited by DEMONTIS7; Sat Apr 09, 2011, 04:28 PM.


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        Yeah exactly, and the right thing is to fold it when everything tells you to - so I do. Even reviewing my hand histories didn't give me a clue as to whether I could do anything differently. So I suppose I can't.

        Maybe these are the times that doing is nothing is enough. I suppose Im just looking to see if anyone else agrees!


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          “My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”


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            I like that passage a lot. If only they had finished it off with "lol, donkaments" then it would be perfect :-D



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