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Best Tournament Ever? (I'm Playing It Now)

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  • Best Tournament Ever? (I'm Playing It Now)

    I'm playing a 45-player $1 FLO sit&go at the moment. I've seen these before in the lobby and they take forever to fill up. I've actually never seen one near filled, so I wasn't actually sure they ever ran. Well, earlier this evening, I glanced at the Sit&Go lobby and lo and behold, this fixed limit Omaha game was sitting at 43 out of 45 players. I signed up, and ten minutes later, I started playing.

    Apparently they do take a long time to fill up. Over half the field was sitting out when the game began, and nobody who was sitting out to begin with ever showed up. I assume they had all signed up hours before and just went to sleep or something. I sat at a full ring playing against two opponents for about an hour. And out of the three of us, I was apparently the best Omaha player (and I had primed for this game by Googling an Omaha Hi hand selection chart, and reading some basic theory on the game. I really don't know how to play all that well).

    I'm currently sitting in first place out of six remaining players. The last of the sitter-outers was just blinded out, and actually got one or two dollars. Anyone who legit knew how to play is now sitting at the final table, and basically got a walk to get there. Don't you wish every MTT was like this?

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    Well Played PP, a roller coaster ride over that last hour, nice 2nd though umbup:


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      Took second place ($10). It was a back-and-forth heads-up match though.



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        Thanks bogweed. Didn't know you stuck around. Can't wait to get my Omaha book in the mail... I'm actually kind of enjoying FLO. It's too bad it seems incredibly unpopular.


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          Originally posted by PanickyPoker View Post
          Thanks bogweed. Didn't know you stuck around. Can't wait to get my Omaha book in the mail... I'm actually kind of enjoying FLO. It's too bad it seems incredibly unpopular.
          great job

          It's probably because omaha players play the game for the big pots / huge exciting variance swings. FL sort of kills that action.
          You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.


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            nice job, il definitely check it out.

            and i think you joined my omaha league, im still looking for members we have like 9 right now but maybe i'll get an omaha game going soon


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              Great Job!


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                Have you played it again since? Seems like a good way to make money if most of the players are sitting out (although I've done worse than a sitting out opponent before ). I might try one of these even though it's a bit of a burden on my bank roll.


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                  There was one guy at my first table who I eliminated before the FT hit. If the guy had just won one pot and sat, he'd have done better than he did. He was a massive calling station though, and was surprisingly easy to win chips from, despite the fact that he was the the one who had most of the table to his left sitting out, so he had the best blind-stealing opportunities. Haven't done another one yet. I'll check in a bit to see if one is filling up. I think I just sort of hit the lottery by finding one that was about to play. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if these take over six hours to fill. And yep, I'm in the Omaha league, gplaya. Would definitely love to play some Omaha, regardless of the size of the game. Maybe pm everyone in the group to set up a time, and bump your thread in the Home Games forum. We might be able to get a full sit&go sized game going. umbup:



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