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There are 3 hands in poker.........

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  • There are 3 hands in poker.........

    There are, very simply put, just three hands in poker-the hand I have,the hand u think I have and of course the hand I bet/call/raise make you think I have.
    During a recent tournament, with the blinds at a low 25/50,I was able to use this to my advantage.I was in mid position on the table relative to the blinds and was dealt a pocket pair.Several players had already limped in to the pot, so why not I thought-I might get lucky set mining here-so limp I did.The blinds checked it and we all got to see the flop cheaply, which is your goal with small pocket pairs.The flop brought QQ2 with two hearts.After the blinds checked, one of the early limpers made a pot sized bet of 250 and it folded around to me.Several possible hands he could have, but I still think my pocket pair is good and I had already seen this player make a big continuation bet for a steal on an earlier pot, showing his bluff.So, I call ready to re-evaluate my hand after the turn card.The turn is another low card but now puts two flush draws out there.The other player again bets 250 and this really looks suspicous to me, if he had a queen why not check to see if I would bluff at this, so I'm thinking he is on a draw or has a pocket pair himself and is protecting it to keep me from drawing out on him.After these considerations, I still think my pocket pair is good so I call again to re-evaluate on the river.The river brings a third heart ,dammit, but no overcard to the original flop.The other player now makes it 450 to go.I think about the way he has played this hand and make the decision that my pocket pair is still good, so I raise to 911.He pauses for a moment then folds-Justletme142 shows QQ for quad Q's....."I quess u didn't believe I had a queen" he says......The hand I bet I make you think I have<---luv playing these players..They can be quite profitable...
    The justman........
    Last edited by justletme142; Sat Apr 09, 2011, 05:21 AM. Reason: spelling re-evaluate lol

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